Wilderness Retreat - Off The Grid (Idaho)

This home has been under renovation and is now ready for inspection!

Situated on Yew Wood Road in the Nez Perce National Forest, 3.5 miles from Elk City, Idaho - this 18 acre off-the-grid wilderness property with a patented gold mining claim is a must see!

It has a 600' American River frontage, views, a 3 story (plus attic),1880 sq ft home, 60' x 45' greenhouse, 2 outbuildings, 1/2 acre fenced berry orchard or livestock enclosure, gravity-fed spring water, 2 irrigation ponds, 1320 watt solar power, battery bank, generator, satellite internet system, propane tank and commercially saleable timber. Nearby are hiking trails, lakes, wildlife, summer berries and wildflowers.

Interest is being sought from non-hunters who will value and peacefully coexist with the surrounding wildlife.

Recent renovations to the interior of the home includes new paint throughout, red fir window trims, crown moulding, floor trims, light fixtures, feature railing, new flooring and stairwell trims. Improvements to the property include a new bridge, graveled driveway, excavated site for the construction of a garage/machinery shed, new house porch and renovated deck. The area surrounding the house and driveway have been landscaped, terraced and planted with lawn.

Price: $247,000

If you are considering a self-sufficient lifestyle or a wilderness retreat - please read on!

For much more information, visit wildernessretreat.sharepoint.com.

Contact: lorenmjames@gmail.com.

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