Karen Ingersoll, SEI Real Estate Professionals (Snowflake, AZ)

Hey all you patriots and survivors! Let us introduce you to this beautiful, little known , area of northeastern Arizona called the White Mountains... with a little something for everyone. It encompasses most of Navajo and Apache Counties, and ranges from 5000 ft up to 8500 ft in elevation. We've got high desert with its rolling hills, various assortment of high desert vegetation and juniper and cedar trees. We also have mountainous regions of ponderosa pine and aspen trees. There are no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, and no nuclear power plants nearby. We DO have plenty of wildlife, and an abundant supply of water. In fact, the Coconino Aquifer is the largest in the state, offering a clean and safe water supply.

SEI Real Estate Professionals is a full service brokerage located in Snowflake, Arizona. We have a wide range of properties available including land of all sizes, and homes - on or off the grid. Need a place to stay while you're building your retreat or dream home? We have a Property Management division too! Looking to start a business? We're experienced in Commercial Real Estate with several great locations available. Check us out at seirep.com. We've recently partnered with Positive Solar and can assist you with all of your solar and wind power needs.

Karen and her husband purchased land, and built their own home (an earthship) off the grid just outside of Snowflake about 12 years ago. A solar system and small wind generator help keep things running smoothly. Speaking from experience, she has found the high desert is great for affordable homesteading, is an excellent area for the production of solar and wind power, and the moderate climate allows for a long growing season. The White Mountains region is also a great place to live with many like-minded Citizens. The Snowflake area, in particular, has many resources to survive just about any catastrophe, natural or otherwise. They include abundant wildlife, cattle ranching, hog farm, dairy, grain mills, and farming, just to name a few. Let Karen’s experiences with off-the-grid living and Real Estate help you!

Karen Ingersoll
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