Kenai Airpark - Remote Alaska Getaway

Limited lots are still available - You can view them here.

We are currently running our fall back special. 20% down, & 7 to 12 year payoff, interest depending on payoff time. Price of unit depends on which one. The airpark is expanding, as we are opening up phase two. We are also offering U.S. veterans a 10% discount.

We are the largest privately owned airpark in Alaska and the properties and landing strips are located conveniently in South Central Alaska in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula close to the renowned Kenai River. Famous for its amazing super sized species of salmon, and boasting two concurrent runs of each species, tourists and sportsmen alike flock to the area during fishing season to get in on the action. Excellent hunting, fishing, and gardening. 1 to 9 acre lots for your getaway, with likeminded neighbors!

The private airstrips located in the heart of the property network are among the largest privately owned and developed in Alaska, rivaling some of those utilized by commercial aircraft in Alaska.

We have a number of prime lots situated close to the rivers and services in the area. The lots are accessible by vehicle and private aircraft via the built in taxi ways that course through the network of subdivisions. Naturally, planes have the right of way at all times on the properties, airstrips and taxiways.

There are also larger lots outside the airpark for those who wish to build larger homes and private hangars but each property owner has the option to build according to their needs.


The location and proximity to the outdoor recreational areas, rivers and services make the airpark a prime location for sportsmen seeking their own private getaway where they can fly in from any part of Alaska or the country for that matter as well as for those who already conduct business or wish to conduct business in this area, and have access to their own aircraft.

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