Tranquil Cabins Retreat (Arkansas)

  • 40 acres 
  • 4 self-contained cabins 
  • Main Cabin/Lodge 
  • Remote with good access 
  • Thriving bed and breakfast business 
  • Backs to 2000 acres of wildlife land 
  • Asking $550,000

The cabin bed and breakfast business is thriving and would be an excellent "home based business" until the need arises to activate the Retreat and would allow a family to home school children and work on their own property. There is plenty of room (40 acres) to expand the animal areas, garden and make other improvements to provide sustainability now and into the future.

Please read the Retreat Analysis below and then email for more info. This is truly a once in a life-time opportunity for the right buyer!

Contact for more information.

Your Secluded Mountain Top Getaway Located in the Beautiful Ozark Mountains

Featuring Adirondack style cabins and 40 of the most beautiful countryside around, the property backs to 2000 pristine acres teaming with Arkansas native wildlife.

The logs for the cabins were milled right here on the property and the restoration work was all done by hand. Whenever possible they used the same methods used by our ancestors, to preserve the authenticity and natural beauty of our surroundings. The cabins are 1,000 ft. apart separated by trees for privacy.

Asking $550,000 or best offer.


Structures on the property;

Please give a very detailed description of any structures on the property, including any homes, shops, barns, greenhouses, pump houses, storage facilities and the like.

Details and Notes: Home: 2400+ sq. ft home, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, loft bedroom, large living room, kitchen, fireplace, entire 1200 sq ft. basement set up for safe area with concrete walls and ceiling includes: large great room, lots of storage, office, woodstove, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom/laundry room, set up to install vault door. Home is set up with well, septic, electric, propane, generator set up, and telephone.

House has 1 x 6 pine tongue and groove walls and floors on main floor, and 2 x 6 pine tongue and groove ceiling on main floor/loft, 6 x 8 pine exposed post and beam on main floor, 200 year old slate tile floors in kitchen/dinning room, and one bathroom. There is no sheet rock on the property.

Basement has Architectural split face 4 x 8 concrete filled block walls, and metal ceiling, and patterned concrete floor.

All cabins have pine 1 x 6 tongue and groove floors, 200 year old slate tile floors in kitchen, and bathroom. Ceilings in cabins are 1 x 6 pine tongue and groove, oak (milled from our property), or metal ceiling. All trusses exposed and made out of oak, or cedar.

We have 2-red cedar log 400 sq. ft. cabins, 1-100 year old re-constructed log 360 sq. ft. cabin, 1-pine 900 sq. ft cabin, (all cabins combined currently designed to sleep 16) all cabins architecturally unique and constructed, having: fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, electric, satellite TV, septic.

There is an 800 sq. ft. (33 x 24 ft) work shop/meeting room (which also housed Dutchoven meals, conceal carry classes, 4 H events) 8 x 12 storage building. A Chicken house 8x12 ft, with 12x12 ft enclosed pen, rabbit hut/grain storage

horse corral with shelter/hay shed 12x32 ft, wood shed 12x6 ft, garden spot 48x32 ft fenced in raised bed garden, 30 x 50 fenced in garden, 8x14 ft shed, 10x10 shelter over cistern.

We have used materials that we had on the property or located around here, we try to use Green Building every chance we get, utilizing wood from a Nuns convent that was torn down, metal from old barns, oak, walnut, red cedar, pine that was logged from around here and cut on a portable saw mill.


Drinking and Irrigation Water

What of the following property features are on any portion of the land?

For the following features please detail approx size, flow, depth, is it year round and does the body of water support fish and other aquatic creatures;

Lake: Within 4 miles on road, approx. 1 mile over mountain, 500 miles of shoreline

River: Within 4 miles on road, approx. 1 mile over mountain

Stream: no

Creek: no

Brook: no

Pond: 2 dry ponds

Spring: 2 wet weather springs, one most year around

Cistern: at one of the cabins (not in use)

Well: yes

Is the well drilled into bedrock? Yes

Depth, size and type of well: 780', 6" casing 80', 756' 1 1/4" pipe (2011 replaced pipe and 2 _ hrs. pwr.pump)

Well GPM: 15 gal gpm

Water taste: excellent

Distance from the water source to the structure or possible building site;

Is the water source located elevation wise, below the structure/building site? Yes

Total distance to the holding tank: 50' to pressure tank

Total distance from the holding tank to the structure: in structure

Total vertical fall from the source to the structure: 0

Has there been a draw down test completed: no

Is the well drillers report available: yes

Describe the details of the lines that are used in the system, specifically the pipe type, schedule, diameter, depth of burial, hydrant type (frost free) and age:

1" big blue poly, 200 psi, 3 ft. depth, 3 ft. bury hydrant, 2 to 10 years of age.

Describe the system in detail along with a sketch: 1" blue poly from well head to house/pressure tank, from house to farthest cabin, branch to 2nd cabin, 3rd, and 4th cabin.Firefighting Water

Does the Retreat have any water sources or equipment specially designed for firefighting? No, we are 1/4_ mile from volunteer fire dept. sub station with well, pond, truck

Water pump type and GPM:

Hose and nozzle: type, size and length:

Underground water storage (in freezing climates) total gal and reservoir type:

How is the reservoir filled:

Please provide an outline sketch of the system location and make-up:Sun Exposure, Climate, Growing Season and Farm / Garden Describe in detail the sun exposure throughout the property:

Are there any areas set aside for crops or gardening, if so describe in detail:

Annual rainfall: 38" to 48"

Annual snowfall: 3" to 4" per storm, Jan. to Feb. melts within days

Surface water:

Annual frost-free days: Mar. 21 to Nov. 10

Average 38 deg. Winter, 58 deg. Spring, 76 deg. Summer, 60 deg. Fall, 60% Sunshine

Greenhouse size and features: yes, 8 fy by 10 ft

Topsoil type/details:

Details of any garden area on the property: 48 x 32 ft fenced raised garden, and 30 x 50 fenced garden, has bury hydrant 40 ft away.

Does it have irrigation lines run to it? Type, size and GPM: no

Terrain, Topography and Property Features

Property Elevation: 1599 to 1300 ft. above sea level

Describe the terrain features on the property: 40 acres, mountainous well drained wooded

Grass fields: 3 acres grass fescue (mowable)

Rock formations: cliffs, outcroppings, limestone rocks

Hills: Ozark Mtns., called Busch Mtn.

Valleys/low land: yes

Swamps: no

Vegetation; types: all associated Ozark Highland vegetation to numerous to list

Trees/ types: black walnut, white, red, black, post oak, maple, dogwood, plum, sassafras, chincapin, hickory

Has the property been logged? When? Age/ makeup of regrowth? Not in the last 50 years or longer

Does the property border any public land (ie; Forest Service, State Land): no, unoccupied several thousand acre ranch adjacent to our property

Describe location and distance from the property all neighbors and their line of sight onto the property: no line of site to neighbors, 4 across hwy, 3 bordering property to east, only know one neighbor who is a ex-policeman

Information about the neighbors

Who are they? : We have lived here 15 years and the neighbors are independent, self reliant, respectful of your privacy.

What are their occupations? Retired, self employed, ex-policeman

What are their Religious and Political affiliations? Christian, conservative

Do they farm/garden? yes

Do they hunt or own firearms? Yes

Are they preparedness minded folks? Yes

Are they friendly and open to talk to? Yes.

Does the ingress/egress onto your property go thru an adjoining parcel? No

Is there a recorded legal easement/access to the parcel? Yes

Does the terrain on the property allow for more than one access to the property? No

How many avenues of approach surround the property? 1 Hwy 62 (2 lane)

Notes: Our property includes mountain and valleys on top of Busch Mtn. our structures are on high ground, there is decidous forest all around us and our neighbors.

Power and Fuel Storage

On grid: Yes, 3 different elect. meters can hook up generator to all cabins from meter location

Off grid: no, but house is set up with generator back up (generator not included)

Solar: yes

Wind: no-potential

Hydro: no

Please describe the system in detail:

Fuel Storage tanks:

Propane: 200 gal

Gas: no

Diesel: no

Heating oil: no



Date of Mfg:

Dispenser type:

Pump or gravity flow:

Above or below ground: above

Notes: No rules against storage of different fuels on property.

Local Economic Base

Nearest town locale: 10 miles town

Population: (2300)

Main economic base: Tourism

Notes: Rogers/Bentonville/Springdale/Fayetteville has main head quarters to Wal-Mart, Tyson, J B Hunt Trucking, Daisy BB GunActivities on the Property

Can you do any of the following activities without being a nuisance to neighbors or in violation of any local laws/ordinances?

Shooting of any kind: Yes, we shoot any time we want, neighbors do also.

Farm animals: Yes, we have/had chickens, ducks, horse, ponies, rabbits, goats, dogs, calves/cows

Business operations (home based business): Yes, we currently have a cabin rental business in our house

Industrial operations (saw mill, tractor repair, welding shop et cetera): Yes

Summer Camps: Yes

Retreats: Yes


Is the property located on or near any geological hot spots such as faults, volcanic activity et cetera: No

Type of bedrock is the property on top of: Limestone

Feet until bedrock are reached: Mountainous terrain, exposed rock to?

Does the property have any caves or other interesting features that make it unique? Ancient dwelling cliffs, Trail of Tears went past our property


What is your initial asking price for the property: SEE PRICE/TERMS

Please describe any special financing terms you would be willing to consider: Cash

What personal items come with the property (remember, anything that is NOT attached to the property/house is considered personal, so farm machinery, tools, snow cats, shooting benches, garden items, building supplies et cetera: Cabins completely furnished including bed, all linens, furniture, kitchen set up, appliances in all cabins, and house.

Anything else you wish to comment on for the review: This is currently a thriving cabin rental business, can continue or new owner could use cabins as extended family housing or good group retreat. We built this property from the ground up and kept it well maintained. We have 37 years building experience on houses, apartments, and commercial properties in Ohio, Colorado and Arkansas. We would consider helping make changes, additions or improvements for new owners.

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