Dewey-Humboldt Overlook (Arizona)

Dewey-Humboldt, AZ off-grid retreat property in an area featured in James Wesley, Rawles' book Survivors.

8.35 acres only 15 minutes off AZ 69 or AZ 169 near Dewey-Humboldt, AZ. 20 minutes to shopping in Prescott Valley, AZ and 1.5 hours to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Surrounding Area
Although you have a clear view of all avenues of approach, the building location is very concealed due to the elevation and surrounding topography. You own the high ground with an 800 yard view of the only access road to the property. No other houses in sight. The mountain top view of the surrounding valley and mountains is just amazing! The view to the south is ~50 miles. Property backs up to about 3 miles of BLM land to the east. North of the property is a little more elevation so you get a good bit of shelter from the north winds in the winter. Directly west of the property is a valley with the main access road running north and south.

Asking $29,000.

The property has 3 driveways up the mountain. One is VERY steep which can only be traveled by a high clearance 4x4 with locking differentials and dual range transfer case, a second is a switch back up the mountain and is very tight and 4x4 would be a must, the third is a longer road around the back side of the mountain and could be car or 2wd truck passable with a little maintenance. Again the property is located on the military crest of the mountain facing south with an excellent view of the west and north-west. It would prove to be practically impossible to walk up on foot with only a minimal amount of defensive fire down range. The access from the west across the BLM land would be brutal. If someone got to the property, they wouldn’t have much fight left in them. Arizona is very gun friendly. You can carry concealed with no permit, with a permit, or open carry. One of Ruger’s main        manufacturing facilities is located in Prescott, AZ along with J&G Sales. Arizona has the “Arizona CopperRx” card available to all AZ residents, easy to obtain health insurance and Yavapai Regional Medical Center located about 30 minutes away.

This is an excellent location for passive solar heat and solar thermal/photovoltaic due to the southern exposure. The elevation and proximity to the top of the mountain also provides a nice breeze year around which is perfect for wind generators without needing a huge tower. There are no utilities on the property. The nearest power line is 2-3 miles away at the nearest neighbor’s house.

Shelter/ Potential Building Locations
There are two potential building sites, both with small Cedar trees. I had originally wanted an earth bermed dome on the higher elevation (about 5280ft) with a guest house/office on the middle location. I even considered a zip line across to the most southern access road for fun and emergency evacuation.

The top of the property is at about 5280ft elevation. According to the USDA this should be zone 7, but you might be able to get zone 8 results due to the southern exposure and thermal mass of the rocks. There is little to no pasture area. I could see raised bed gardening and rabbit hutches as likely choices for food production. You could certainly grow year around with a greenhouse due to the excellent solar exposure. You are also about 30 minutes from Sam’s Club and Costco as well as the Prescott Valley Flea Market and Farmer’s Market.

There are various wells located in the general vicinity of the property. Also, a lot of people supplement their well/cistern system by hauling water. Dewey-Humboldt has a high output public well located right off Highway 69  (just a 10-15 minute drive) where you can fill a portable tanks in just a few minutes.

Survivor’s Reference
This property would have a front row view of Lars Laine and Alex Doyle staging the assault on La Fuerza as told in chapter 42, "A Prodigy."

Further Information
If you are interested in seeing a detailed video describing the property and its location, please send your name, address, phone number and email to: I will follow up with an email containing a link to the video, more high resolution photos and and my contact information. Your information will not be shared with anyone and I expect the same confidentiality in respect to the location of this property. The asking price $29,000. I will consider trades, silver, gold, etc. Private seller.

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