EMP Ready Bunkers - Doomsday Shelters from TruProtect

The TruProtect™ “Ready Bunker™” is the best and quickest way to prepare for what may come. Let’s face fact, if you do not prepare now, it will be too late if the time comes that you need this protection. The Ready Bunker™ is the only way to protect and prepare. We take a specific type of steel ocean container and retrofit it with our patented TruProtect™ RF/EMI/EMP/microwave/infrared shielding modular panels. Once we have covered all surfaces with these modules we then install a RF/EMI/RMP/microwave/infrared proofing door. These doors are rated at 60-70Db but we can install a military grade 100Db door as an option. Once these structures are anchored down you actually have a double faraday cage. You will be protected from almost anything known to exist that would disrupt the electrical system you wanted protected. The very best protection would be if these bunkers were buried. Once in the ground you can have a 20’ or a 40’ long bunker that will actually protect from the ills of EMP, solar or atomic.

These are perfect for police departments, sheriff departments, banks, hospitals, big or small businesses, schools, universities, all government entities basically any one wanting to protect and save their information and data, and those wanting to protect their families to the ninth degree. Learn about our RF protection solutions truprotect.com.

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