Sustainable Off-Grid Retreat - Mountainair, New Mexico

Stay off the grid by living in a beautiful, remote, and self-sustaining home. We have a House For Sale Offering Sustainable Living in Mountainair, New Mexico. This private and energy efficient home is for sale by owner and was built over a period of 10-years, 20-years ago.

Located adjacent to the Cibola National Forest with state land to the north, and a sub-division of 40 acre parcels to the south, all you see from the home are views of the mountains and the valley. You can rest easy knowing that you are nowhere near any power lines or any other homes.

Located an hour and a half from Albuquerque and two hours from Sana Fe, in a pristine area of New Mexico, this adobe-style home is close to national forests and completely fenced in, making it the ideal spot for any horse owner or nature lover.

The inside of the house is similar to an adobe house with plastered walls, white paint, and stone floors. The ceiling features vigas, or beams that are basically, stripped trees from 6-12 inches in diameter. Since the rear of the home is completely buried underground, skylights are scattered throughout, providing ambient lighting and ventilation.

No matter what the temperature is outside, the inside of this home never gets below 57 degrees, or above 85, because the earth modifies its temperature. This uniquely designed home is self-heating, self-cooling, and is made from automobile tires that have had dirt pounded into them with a sledgehammer. The whole south facing side of the house is all double-paned windows.

There are three homes on the property, each with their own kitchens and bathrooms. Each home also contains its own electrical generating system, known as photovoltaic. Through this system, each home is able to supply its own electricity by taking the sun's energy and storing it in the form of batteries.

Your new home's water comes from the rainwater on the roof, and is stored in cisterns. The total water storage on the property is 9,000 gallons. The toilets are composting toilets, which is processed and reused on plants in the landscape. In addition, each kitchen has a Sunfrost efficient refrigerator, which is made for solar powered homes and takes very little electricity.

For more information contact Jeff Sage at (855) 614-3362 toll free, or (970) 470-6666.