Advertise on SurvivalRealty offers advertising for retreat properties and agents and agencies specializing in serving preparedness-minded people looking for unique properties.

For Agents & Agencies

SurvivalRealty uses a different format that most real estate advertising services. The focus is not so much on the individual properties that you list as on putting potential clients in touch with you. People looking for a retreat property tend to have an area already picked out, but to be looking for properties outside the ordinary. While a property being on a dirt road, off-grid, or having an odd concrete-walled house is often a hard to sell, that is exactly what the readers of SurvivalRealty are looking for. Farmland, large acreages, privacy, and unusual features are selling points.

Even more than individual properties, readers are looking for a reliable agent who understands their non-standard priorities. They want a discreet agent who will not just show them the usual 3 bedroom house on a quarter acre.

For Owners

SurvivalRealty also takes ads for properties for sale by owner. They can be set up the same as an ad for an agent or brokerage. For your privacy, I suggest that you set up a free email address on gmail to handle questions, and only provide full details to serious inquirers.

How to Advertise on SurvivalRealty

Most of the ad setup can be done by email. In short, I need you to provide the text of the ad, and 5 jpeg images. I handle formatting and publication. There is a lot of flexibility in what an ad can look like. Overall, it is broken down into a one to two paragraph introduction with a picture, which appears on the main pages and the remainder of the ad, which can be seen by clicking on the link.

Existing ads provide a good model as you are setting up yours. If you have any questions, email me (, or give me a call (307-828-1247).


An ad on SurvivalRealty is $30 for one month, or $25 per month for more than a month. I offer the first month as a free trial for any interested agents or agencies. I trust that you will find it worthwhile and stick around!

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Make checks or money orders payable to James Rawles.

We also accept precious metals, barter, and bitcoin.

  • If you are paying in pre-1965 90% silver (dimes, quarters, half dollars, or silver dollars) divide your bill by TWENTY FIVE.
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