Standards and Commitments

January 23, 2012
    As manager of, I commit to meeting the following standards:

    • Communications*
      • I will check, read, and respond to email daily.
      • I will respond to all email needing a response within 24 hours. 
      • I will answer the phone (307 828-1247) anytime that circumstances permit.
      • I will return missed calls within 48 hours.
    • Finances
      • I will record all details of every payment received within 24 hours.
      • I will send an email receipt for every payment within 24 hours.
    • Record-keeping
      • I will record contact, publication, run, and expiration dates, as well as payments, changes, and billings.
      • This full record will be available to the advertiser on request. 
    • Service
      • I will complete any requested changes to an ad within 72 hours, if sufficient information is available. (Limited to one major update monthly.)
    • Growth & Maintenance
      • I will contact a minimum of 14 potential advertisers every week.
      • I will send a notification 7 days before each ad comes due for renewal.
    • Accountability
      • I will prepare a report that details how well I have met these standards every week, and will send it to four family members and friends. 
      • The report will also note whether I am meeting personally assigned work requirements.
      • I will make this report available to any interested reader or advertiser, on the same weekly basis, or on request. Send an email to
    *While I will be working 7 days per week, there are times that I will be out of cell phone service and away from the internet. These will be exceptions to the usual time standards, and will be noted in the weekly report.

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