Agent Renewal

We are transitioning our billings to Stripe for improved reliability and ease of use. You can now securely set up payment right on SurvivalRealty with a minimum of hassle. We are now also offering discounts for agents running 4 or more ads. Contact us if you have any questions on your billing.

You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. Email with any changes or questions.

[stripe name=”” description=”Agent Advertising”]

Choose your advertising plan:

[stripe_subscription show_details=”false” default=”sr_agent1_trial”]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent1″ label=”1 Property Ad $25/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent2″ label=”2 Property Ads $30/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent3″ label=”3 Property Ads $35/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent5″ label=”5 Property Ads $40/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent6″ label=”6 Property Ads$45/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent7″ label=”7 Property Ads$50/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent8″ label=”8 Property Ads$55/month“]
[stripe_plan id=”sr_agent10″ label=”10 Property Ads $60/month“]