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ad_chartAdvertise your services and products to the preparedness market with We provide advertising services starting as low as $25/month, reaching over 30,000 viewer interested in survivalism, relocation, and self-sufficiency.

We offer a selection of banner advertising options:

Local Ad Spaces

Advertise your services or products on a single state category page at $25/month. Many of these exclusive spots are already taken. Please inquire for availability.

Sitewide Banner Ad Spaces
We have banner ad space available on the lower righthand side of the site, with rates starting at $50/month.

Statistics receives over 30,000 unique visits per month.

Get Started

  • Contact us for availability of advertising space at
  • Provide a graphic of the correct size in .jpeg, .gif, or .png format.*
  • Set up your subscription via PayPal. All banner ads are paid month to month.
  • Once we have received your graphic and payment, we will publish your banner on the site.

We offer in-house design for a one time fee of $25. Provide us any suggested wording and images.

Final approval of any advertising material is at the discretion of The advertiser is responsible for the content of all advertising and ensuring that advertising content meets all applicable regulations and standards. We provide advertising services only. We receive no finder’s fees or commissions. Please review our Terms of Service.