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Hello, I know how hard it can be to find the right piece of property for all of your needs. This is only compounded when we consider all of the factors that exist for finding a piece of property that may mean the difference between life and death. I have evaluated this property personally and can say that it offers everything that one would need to feel safe should they decide that it's time to be here. If you are looking for property to provide a safe and sustainable home, regardless of the circumstances, this property may be perfect. I would look forward to speaking with you and discussing the properties attributes any time.

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105 Acre Retreat

275,000  105 acres  Robb Stinger  Patriot Land Group
Perfect bugout location for an individual, family or a group. Year round stream runs through property. Great views with limited avenues of approach. Limited and defensible ingress and egress. Abundant water,timber, wildlife, privacy. Location is ideal for a long list of reasons. Please call for more details or to come out and take a look. Bank financing available with very attractive rates and terms [Read More]