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Dubois Property Listings

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    iron inn

    Family Preppers INN & HOME

    Dubois, Wyoming 82513, United States

    • Land:3+ acres
    • Type:Home
    • Price:$632,000

    Consider a prepper's retreat for extended family and friends with an operating business in the least most populated state in the USA, Wyoming! One of five states comprising the American Redoubt named so by James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com and a safe place to be, as noted by Joel Skousen in his book, "Strategic Relocation". […]

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    Rare Opportunity to own Remote Parcel in the Dunoir Valley

    Dubois, Wyoming 82520, United States

    • Land:4 acres
    • Type:Bare/Developed Land
    • Price:$120,000

    Private area with views of the Absaroka mountain range. Snow capped peaks, wild life and alpine forests provide a picturesque back drop to the secluded property. Electric, telephone and a private well are located on the property. Visitors must be accompanied by a licensed Realtor. Located in the Shoshone National Forest and with over the […]