“Scenic. Safe. Sustainable, Secure!”     

    Enjoy a true 4-season climate in the wooded foothills of the renowned Boston Mountain range of the northwest Arkansas Ozarks, while laughing in the face of disaster.  

     Until the time of crisis, enjoy all that this region has to offer:  In 2016, US News and World Report ranked Fayetteville the 3rd most desirable place to live in the entire US.  In 2017, the ranking was #5.  We have a full-employment regional economy boasting several of the world’s top corporations such as Wal Mart and Tyson Foods, more than 100 Fortune 500 corporations who have located regional offices here as vendors to Wal Mart, a major research university endowed by the Walton billions, and a large agricultural infrastructure, particularly poultry, and hydroponic and organic farming.  From the culture of the magnificent Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and the Walton Art Center that hosts touring Broadway shows and such international attractions as the Vienna Philharmonic; to the sublime harmonies of the Arkansas Philharmonic and SONA Orchestras; to unparalleled outdoor activities such as 4-season golf, hiking/camping, fishing, boating and hunting; to the pageantry and fury of top-flight SEC athletic competition hosted by the University of Arkansas Razorbacks–this region “has it all.”
Meanwhile you will be quietly tucked away on 7 wooded and pastured acres just outside city limits, and invisible to the passer-by on the nondescript gravel road that goes by your property.  A modest 3-bedroom, 1 3/4 bath 1975 classic ranch, with deck and breathtaking vistas of the Boston Mountains to the south; was expanded about 20 years later, adding an oversized 2-car garage, a 17 x 22 first-floor bonus room with huge windows and views to the south, and a 2nd floor master suite.  This 740 sq ft “Ozark treehouse” has an approx 400 sq ft master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling south-facing windows that frame the Boston Mountain vista. The Master Suite also boats a separate study with enough built-in bookshelves for 4-500 standard hard-cover volumes, a large walk-in closet, and a twin-vanity bathroom with jetted tub and large separate shower with built-in-seating.  The entire home is an expansive and versatile 4 BR, 2 3/4 Bath, 3146 sq ft house.
    This property has several redundant utility system options.  There are 3 heating options, and 2 water options. We are currently hooked into public electric (there is a conventional forced-air heating and a/c system in the original ranch home, and 25 SEER Fujitsu mini-split heat/AC units in the bonus room and Master Suite).  Water source is currently city water drawn from the enormous nearby Beaver Lake (a USACOE project).  The large number of oak and hickory trees on the property and on nearby properties supplies long-burning fuel for the large wood stove insert in the family room that in the coldest winter can heat the entire original 3-bedroom ranch house all night on a single stoking.  That is the 2nd source of heat  The third source is two 1000-gal propane tanks that fuel space heaters placed throughout the house, including the bonus room and the Master Suite, should you not wish to use the wood stove or the electric heat.  This propane heating system is installed and plumbed throughout the house.  The same propane store also fuels water heating, cooking, and clothes-drying (should you wish to machine-dry the laundry during the 35% of cloudy days per year).  Natural gas is at the street with piping between the house and curb already buried and ready for hook-up, if the new owner desires to be on that part of the grid instead of relying on your private propane hoard.
    But should the public utility infrastructure crumble, you will have the use of a live water well, and a backup electrical system.   For emergency power, this property boasts a 24 volt, 1200 amp-hour deep-cycle battery bank that is integrated into the house’s AC wiring via a 4 KW Trace 4024 inverter.  When the grid is up and running, the batteries are kept fully charged by the inverter float charge function.  When the grid is down, the batteries will supply normal household demands for several days.  Grid down longer than that?  The propane tanks fuel a 10kW Kohler/Ford 4-cylinder engine-powered 10 RY 62 generator that within minutes can re-charge the entire battery capacity.  Grid down for months?  Your 2000 gal of propane is there to power your generator virtually indefinitely.   And if 2-1000 gallon tanks do not feel like a large-enough reserve, there is space next to them for 2 more 1000 gal behemoths.
   The house will need some upgrades for some of the flooring and kitchen appliances, but is a rock-solid 100% stick-built structure “done the old-fashioned way.”  No corners were cut in its construction.  Its exterior is low-maintenance, with a new roof installed in 2017, and 100% brick veneer except for vinyl siding around the upstairs walls of the master addition, and a small area of painted press-board trim under the bonus room south-facing picture windows.
    A unique asset of this property is an unusually-large storm cellar.  When tornados threaten, you can retreat behind the 6″ concrete walls of your  8 x 18 x 8-foot-ceiling room that is buried under 3 feet of impervious NW Arkansas orange chert.  And, in gravest extreme, the addition of a cinder-block or sandbag baffle just inside the cellar door will complete a 360-degree nuclear fallout shelter.  Yes, you CAN survive nuclear war!  The enormous size of this safe-space easily allows for at least 1 month of continuous occupation, as it can easily accommodate 50+ 5-gallon buckets of your favorite preserved staples, hundreds of bottles of water, several “comfort stations” AND at least a half-dozen of your closest friends.
   True survival in a post-disaster/EMP world means growing your own food.  The current owners developed a 30′ x 100′ garden that will grow anything from tomatoes, beans, potatoes, and corn, to melons and rhubarb.  Part of this asset is currently fallow, under sod.  Remember, you will have a water well, so even in summer drought, this plot will keep producing huge amounts of food.  Get your Ball jars and lids, and your canning skills will allow you to laugh at winter, too!  Remember, the storm cellar temperature is in the 50’s year-round, so is a ready-made root-cellar for long-term storage of many types of garden vegetables and preserved foods.  And, don’t forget to retreat there to escape from the mid-day summer heat when the grid is down and you don’t want to use propane-generated battery power to run your AC.
    There is an 8-stall pole barn on the property, made of “Old Ironsides”-type oak planking.  It is in solid shape; no leaning, buckling, or subsidence.  Electricity, lighting, and running water are on-site.  The stalls are each large enough for a mature full-size horse, but of course can be modified to shelter any other type of livestock.  Two of the stalls have concrete floors. 1 is a tack room, and the other has a hydrant for washing livestock or watering the adjacent vegetable garden.  There are rain gutters on the roof that will collect huge amounts of water during a rainstorm if you add rain barrels or dig a cistern.  The roof is corrugated galvanized steel.  Underneath the crown of the barn is the barn’s central corridor which is big enough to park several farm implements including a small tractor (MUCH bigger than a rider lawn-mower) with front-loader and 60′ finishing mower behind.  Two large doors hung on rails w/ rollers can be pushed across the north and south ends of the corridor if one wishes to keep winter’s breezes from blowing through.  On the backside of the barn is a large lean-to porch that runs the entire width of the barn, that is used to keep hay bales and enormous amounts of firewood sheltered from the elements.
   A brief word about your neighbors.  Each of the other 5 families in this semi-rural enclave are salt-of-the-earth, self-sufficient, optimistic problem-solvers.  One runs a comprehensive machine shop on-site.  Another is an expert Ham Radio operator.  Another restores old hulk vehicles to pristine condition.  Etc.  You will truly enjoy them, and they you.
   Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a truly comprehensive, sustainable homestead that omits no detail necessary to your long-term comfort, security, and survival.
   For a virtual tour of the residential portion of this property, go to https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=V5MA19J6oZn
A drone-eye tour of the entire property is currently in production and will be posted shortly.
3100 N. Velma Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72704: This is the mailing address; the property is in unincorporated Washington County.
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