Let’s face it – not everyone has an extra 200-700k to spend on having a property that provides them comfort should SHTF!

And few people really want to live in Idaho!

This was our situation.  We could not move because we do have to work, and we needed a place within 3-5 hours of where we lived.  This also needed to be our getaway, and not our primary residence, so we had limited funds to spend on it.

The closest ” town” to this cabin is about 6 miles away, and is aptly named “Deersville”.  One drive to the cabin and you will see why it is named this!

This cabin is 1.8 miles from Tappan Lake, which is a 2350 acre lake.  It is very hard to get private land around this lake, as most of the land is “conservancy” land, which is government owned.  There is also no more building at the lake, so it is virtually vacant most days.

There are 5000 acres of “conservancy” land surrounding the lake – this is straight from the conservancy website:  Much of the land around the lake is open to public hunting.  No special permits are needed, just your Ohio Department Division of Wildlife issued hunting license and permits.  Waterfowl hunting is permitted on the lake.  See the lake map for public use areas.

This is a small cabin, with a loft for a bedroom and another loft that could be a sleeping area for kids.  The cabin does have 3 heating sources – woodburner, baseboard heating, and propane heater with propane tank outside.

We are one of the few properties around the lake with well.  We actually have a well, and a bladder in the well.   Most of the structures near us are only for seasonal visits, so they do not go thru the expense of digging a well.  There is ample water on the property, as we have dug a large hole near the designated garden area just to have a source for water and it is about a 6 foot x 6 foot hole now filled with water.

We have an outside building that is completely wired electrically.   We actually would park our Class A RV beside the outside building and plug in there and run all our A/C, fridge, etc with the extra electric.  We made sure there was plenty of room for an extra RV and actually kept a spare fifth wheel fully prepared should someone else need to visit.   We have an existing sewer for any camper to hook their toilet disposal up just like a campground that runs into a separate septic.

Speaking of campgrounds, there is a campground about 6 miles away – should the SHTF, that would come in handy.  More water, more resources close to the cabin.

If you are unable to stay in the cabin year round, I assure you that you can rent the cabin out as we have done since we have owned it.  When our kids were little, we went down almost every weekend.  The kids are older now, and don’t enjoy it as much, so we have rented it out.

We do have amenities for now – electric, propane, and gas.   Honestly, I couldn’t go there and be without air conditioning in the summer and have any fun, so for now, it is enjoyable but fully capable of being off grid.  We also have a large outdoor cooking area.  As of now, you can also get cable there but internet has to be run off of a “hotspot” on your cell phone, which will have spots of good reception.

There is a toilet, shower, stove, refrigerator, oven, microwave.   I also put about 3 window air conditioners in because I simply can’t be in the heat at my age if I don’t have to!  Generally, when we stayed there, we were all freezing by the morning with the air conditioners running.

This cabin sits on 3 acres.  A large stream runs down the side of the property.  It is fenced in on about 3 sides, and surrounded by raspberry bushes.  Deer and turkey and other wildlife are regularly in our yard in the morning.

We did have 2 beehives and were able to get honey one year, however we were not down the next winter and did not “winterize” the hives enough, and I guess they froze.

There are various small fruit trees on the property which were planted before we bought the property – I know at least 4 apple trees, and 2 peach trees.

The storage building is stocked with many things one would need should the SHTF, and we are negotiable on selling those items, including the long term storage food we have there.

You will need 4 wheel drive when it snows over 3 inches to access the property.  You have to go up a dirt road with a hill to access the private lane that goes to the cabin.



Survival Features
End of the Road, Fenced or Gated
Fenced Pasture, Fields, Garden
Stream or Pond, Well or Spring
Grid Connected
Cell, Internet, Phone
Seasonal/4WD Road, Year Round Road
Public Land, River/Lake, Undeveloped Land
Home Features
2 bedrooms
1 baths


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