Hottelville, PA. Property is in Forest County, located between Cooks State Forest and Allegheny National Forest. There was previously a homestead on this site but it was loss to fire 100 years ago.

  • Land has been timbered heavily but regrowth is usually rapid. Mostly flat with a slight slope to the east. Neighbor to the north is a Christmas tree farm, has been there for decades.
  • Underground natural gas pipeline runs east to west through north end of property.
  • Approximately 40 acres of the parcel are south of the pipeline and 10 acres are north of it.
  • Only current easement onto land is via the pipeline trail, regularly cleared, driveable and accessible to the land owner perpetually via pipeline lease.
  • Area is rich in natural gas, there are wells on many of the neighboring properties but this property has never been explored.
  • Area is rife with large deer and large deer populations!
  • Includes mineral rights.
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