A carefully designed, well built and responsibly managed off the grid, very private and self sufficient property in Brookfield, Vermont.  It is just over 53 acres, surrounded by large land holdings; this property is private, well cared for and unique.  The small, very efficient 12 year old, south facing house sits tucked into the forest edge at the end of a private driveway.  The house is super insulated with redundant systems and an off grid, 1.1kW solar electric system.  The gambrel house is wood heated with propane heat back-up and a propane cook stove/oven.  With a large downstairs mudroom/utility room that has a pantry with a two car garage with workshop and other efficient features, this is a very practical Vermont retreat.  With an installed, permitted four bedroom septic and options to build a bigger house the new owners will have expansion options if they want to build a larger house.

A screened-in porch with a walkway out to a large raised bed “kitchen garden” has a fantastic feel and practicality.  A spectacular and very usable new kitchen was completed in 2017, with quartz countertops, lots of storage in the cabinets and a new energy efficient refrigerator.  The full size bathroom has a recent shower enclosure, low water use efficient toilet and energy efficient front load washer.

Large south facing windows and very comfortable living space makes this get-away a homestead that most can only dream about.  The house was designed to embrace the small, efficient home concept; it is able to be comfortably heated with 1.5 cords of wood a year in the very efficient Jotul 602 woodstove.  Firewood is easily obtained from the property’s well managed woodlot.  The house has 6” thick insulated walls, energy efficient windows and has been well cared for with new standing seam roofing (2016).  There is a vented propane heater (that operates without electricity) in the mudroom, it is capable of heating the entire house if needed.

There is a large garden, managed without pesticides or herbicides.  Multiple planted fruit trees include apple, pear, plum and cherry, with large vegetable gardens, strawberry (Seascape and Jewel) and two asparagus beds (one is about 7 years old; the other was planted in 2016).  There are multiple mature low-bush, multiple variety blueberries produce tremendous yields. There are wild blackberry plants, as well as several raspberry beds. Also planted are hops and grapes (Prairie Star and Frontenac).

The property had lain fallow for over 40 years when the owners bought it.  With approximately 30 acres of mixed forest and the rest in meadows it has been managed by a very highly respected, local and certified forester under Vermont’s Current Use program (significantly reducing taxes).  Stone walls meander through the woods with open woods trails.  The meadows have paths and have been maintained in accordance with the current use plan.  A special wetland with brook with native brook trout buffers the property from the road. There are many diverse species of flora and fauna, including bobolinks, deer, bear, coyote, fox, wild apples, service berry, amphibians.  The mixed forest has an abundance of maples, white pine, ash with many others and there is abundant firewood supplies for the home.

House and Property Systems/Equipment/Accessories/Features:

  • Solar Electric (PV)

o   Outback inverter, charge controller, Mate

o   1.1 kW, 190 watt, Sanyo PV panels

o   Eight Battery bank, recent Surrette batteries with automatic battery exhaust fan

o   Two back-up 6,500 watt generators, Kubota diesel and Westinghouse gas in dedicated detached shed, hardwired

o   “Normal” 110 volt system that powers lights, appliances, refrigerator and house needs, all wiring labeled and routed properly.

  • Deep drilled well (520’) with 240 volt Grundfuss slow start pump with excellent flow and recharge
  • Deep buried and insulated water line
  • 40 gallon water pressure tank
  • Permitted and installed four bedroom Enviro-Septic septic system, with 1,000 gallon tank
  • Tagaki (SP) instant on demand water heater
  • House water system set up for easy drainage (for vacancy during winter if desired) and maximum freeze protection
  • Back-up Empire, 30,000 btu propane heater, in mudroom (not dependent on electricity).
  • Buried 500 gallon propane tank
  • New very efficient refrigerator (2016)
  • Efficient lighting, LED and CFL throughout
  • Large (12’x12’) outbuilding, chicken coop, storage shed with attached greenhouse
  • Driveway is properly/professionally constructed with road fabric, bank run gravel and excellent drainage
  • House site was excavated and constructed using the best industry standards, material layers compacted, curtain drain installed
  • House well constructed – upgraded joists, sills on cinderblock and anchored, snow load roof kit, painted T-111 sheathing, pine siding painted (on all sides) with upgraded insulation.

Survival Features
Commanding Views, End of the Road
Artesian Well, Fields, Garden, Marketable Timber, Orchard, Pasture
Well or Spring
Generator, Solar/Hydro/Wind
Cell, Satellite
Year Round Road
Large Properties, Undeveloped Land
Home Features
1 bedrooms
1 baths


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