Providence Belize is a 350 acre planned community for preppers who are being led by God to move out of the United States, and who have a calling and passion to be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission in these Last Days. It is located at 17°40’43.13″N, 88°21’26.31″W, in the village of Boston Village, 13 miles north of the International Airport and 21 miles north of the largest city, Belize City. Belize is a fascinating country where you will find snorkeling, fishing, swimming, sailing, shopping, water taxis to the outer islands and adventure destinations including caving, cave tubing, exploring Mayan ruins, zip line, birdwatching, jungle and eco tours, and much more. (

Founded by Christian missionaries and entrepreneurs Jim and Jenny Duncan, we have over a dozen families who have already purchased lots – and more on their way. The Belizean Constitution acknowledges God as supreme and strongly supports religious freedom. Opportunities for personal freedom and for evangelistic ministry are maximum. Homeschooling is a legal option, plus there is a community-based school, as well as a school bus that’s available to pick up local children who are attending.

Firearms are legal, but importing them is extremely difficult. Check out these links for more info.

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It is best to purchase once you’re in the country. There are limitations on the types of weapons that are legal, but realize that you are not going to have to deal with the proverbial “mutant biker zombies”/Golden Horde issues like in the States. Enjoy the safety and security of a Christian, prepper community! Check out

Community members own their own land/lots, from a quarter acre on up, which can be sold or transferred with the approval of community leadership. To maintain the Christian / preparedness character of the community all purchasers (including property transfers) are interviewed and references are required to ensure everyone qualifies.

The property here is awesome – Mahogany and hardwood trees, palm, coconut and fruit trees. Lots of medicinal herbs in the jungle. We have a year round temperate climate (subtropical – with nearly constant Caribbean breezes. You will have amazing home gardening, greenhouse/hydroponic, aquaponic and livestock options.

Power, phone, and internet are available, and the potential is certainly here for full long-term energy self-sufficiency via solar or wind power systems (we’re only about 1,200 miles north of the Equator, as opposed to the Redoubt which is another 2,000 miles further north). Drill your own well or tap into the community’s system, there is plenty of groundwater available!

Build your own home or buy a prefab, Providence Belize even has large tents for temporary housing while your home is being built! Looking for a simpler lifestyle and independent living? We’re your destination!

Whether you move your whole family or the whole clan to Providence Belize now, use it as a vacation home, or you purchase property here as an “insurance”/fallback option, check us out today on YouTube and Facebook.

Lots are starting at 1/4 acre, off grid, for only $5000. Discounts are available for larger lots. Some financing is available – and barter will also be considered. Contact Pastor Jim Duncan at, or by phone at 011 501 677 1051We are the community you’ve been looking for!

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Civic Water Supply or None, Well or Spring
Grid Connected, Solar/Hydro/Wind
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