A once in a lifetime offering.

A short and protected 25 minute boat ride north from Ketchikan's Knudson Cove, you arrive at this Oceanfront property. Moser Bay is still within the Ketchikan Borough.

The original builder lived in this off-grid home for 17 years. The home needs some love right now but we are rolling up our sleeves to up grade the property. Through September 2019 this property is available at a fixer upper price of $495,000. but as the progress of reconstruction begins in October the price will increase based on the work completed and the price changes will be shown.

The infrastructure included for this price is unobtainable in todays costs of construction.  Building off the grid is expensive, time consuming and difficult to obtain dock permits from the Corp of Engineers and sewage disposal acceptance.

This home has a private dock that provides access to one of the worlds most abundant seafood habitats on the planet. Shrimp, Crab, Scallop, Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish to name just a few at your front door. That is survival food that prepping just cannot match. Watch your shrimp and crab pots from the kitchen and fish for salmon halibut and rockfish within view of the house.

The abundant clean rain provides a resource not easily obtainable in many locations and firewood is just outside. In January Ketchikan has an average low temperature of 30 (F) and an average high of 40 (F), making these mild Winters exceptional when compared to many northern states of the lower 48.

Nature within the Tongass National Forest is hard to describe to those who have not seen it. Eagle, Raven and countless sea and land creatures are abundant. The normal whales passing by spraying at you on the dock, seals playing at your beach with seafood jumping just to let you know they are there is truly a place you can't verbally describe.

Apx. 3.5 Acres in Moser Bay.
With its deep water water dock and its own break water, large and small boats can easily dock.
There are neighbors close to this property and Moser bay is a quiet secure location.

Property Features
Generator, Solar/Hydro/Wind
Cell, Internet
Boat or Floatplane
Home Features
3 bedrooms
3 baths
Additional Features

Property Features

  • Abundant seafood rain water collection system


  • 2050 Sea Level Drive Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
  • 55.582154567903785, -131.65733014751584