Off Grid Wind and Solar “Self Sufficient” Ranch Retreat “Survivalist” Property for Sale
Arizona Developed Off Grid Ranch Land & Property:
Off Grid Developed Acreage with Water & Mineral Rights*, Wind & Solar System, Good Fresh Water Well, Septic, Buildings, Fruit producing Orchard & Greenhouse in ideal Arizona weather Foothills overlooking ever enchanting Mountains and Pristine Desert “Valley” Views.
*Rare and Valuable Asset to have both Water AND Mineral Rights !

Bring your horses, goats and everyone you love to live your “Self-Sufficient” Dream or Create your income Ranch Retreat.
Self Sufficient and Remote !
All the hardest work has been done….from bare ground to Grand Workshop and More !
… thousands of feet of pipe laid for the drip system small Orchard & Greenhouse with deep Well Water & 3000 + watt Solar & Wind Set Up.

Arizona ideal location for this Off  Grid Ranch Land & Property;
On approximately 40 acres in a pristine “near Virgin” Desert along the “foothills” overlooking a lush “valley” with a magnificent view of Hualapai Mountains to the East and backs up to BLM with Havasupai Mountain Views in the West. Plus, Buildings, Greenhouse and Mini-Orchard as listed below.

This is a Hidden Gem ! … an ideal “bug-out-survivalist-dream-escape”… A wonderful place for a Retreat Center, Workshop Location, Writers, Artists, Ranchers, Organic Farmers, Winery-Vintners (grapes thrive here !), Homesteaders or anyone who wants to “get away from it all”.

Enjoy the sublime quietness/nothingness and unwind in the pristine near “virgin” Desert with sunny days and starry starry nights, clean fresh air, fresh delicious tasting water (this is where water tastes like wine !) yet all within Internet and Cellphone reach.

The following excerpt is our personal experience of living in this sublime reality.

Imagine: Awakening to the chirping of little birds flying everywhere. Then step outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and stretch out into wide open spaces.  No distant traffic noise or landscaping blowers to disturb your relaxing morning as you sit down to enjoy the sunny ideal indoor-outdoor living climate. Unlike other higher or lower elevations, we feel that it’s never too hot or too cold for at least 9 months out of the year !  Then it’s the natural desert heat for the other 3 months, Here you have the option to sit in a tub of water or hook up to Electric (less than one mile away) and stay indoors with AC like the millions of other Arizonans do…because at this time it’s hot everywhere in AZ !

Do a little light exercise then pick some fruit from your mini-orchard and relax in your hammock. Where is everyone ?  No one is around to disturb your peace as you melt into and become one with the earth landscape: Majestic mountains rise in the distance, watch the shadow of the clouds roll across the lush Desert Valley floor below (as this property sits in the foothills) and feel at home in the “Land before Time”.

Ssurrounded by pure nature ! Find comfort in the silence of the Earth and Joy in the music of the birds.  Relax like never before in a Land before Time. And…on occasion,  just when you think you are the only person on earth you hear the distant laughter as a group of horses with people in cowboy hats trot out from the closest neighboring Guest Ranch a half a mile away.
In the afternoon, explore the thousands of acres of BLM land located right out the gate of your back yard. Climb the Mountain Trail just a few miles back and search for Gold in the many washes (desert river beds) and rock canyons and crevices. Return home to tinker around on various projects; build sculptures, work on cars, play music in the large 50′ x 75′ x 16′ tall walls (with approx. 18′ at center)  Metal “Workshop” Building.  Or if you have parked your Motorhome or SUV and Boat on Trailer  inside the Metal Building, there is still plenty of room on both sides for workshop and activity space.

Just before dinner, walk to your screen enclosed Greenhouse to pick fresh sweet peas off the vines and gather Basil and other fresh organic veggies to go with your Solar Oven cooked feast.

As the sun begins to set get out your camera to capture the endless variety of breathtaking color created in the big Arizona sky. No buildings to get in the way as you view in awe the spectacular sunsets and realize that this truly is a special place.

As the Moon rises out of the distant Mountains, build a bon-fire and sit happily around with loved ones and keep cozy warm as you share your life stories, sing songs, study astronomy or just sit back to gaze at the zillions of stars in the starry starry night sky.

This Beautiful Property Includes:

38.39 acres with Mineral & Water Rights *Rare and Valuable Asset to have both Water AND Mineral Rights !
Metal Building large 75′ x 50′ with 16′ height walls (Strong large “Butler” I-Beams & Posts ) with 2- 14′ x 14′ Roll Up Doors (for large Motorhome or Truck and Trailer Drive thru) and 1-Steel Walk Door. * Gas/LP, Water and Electric from Solar & Wind “Off Grid” System set up running into the building.
Inside Metal Building:

Tool Room 16′ x 20′ feet, semi-enclosed (3 walls) for ease of access to large open space, w/ Work Bench, Shelves, Lighting & Electric Outlets throughout
Open Air Loft Storage Area 16′ x 20′ feet above Tool Room.
Enclosed Storage Room 16′ x 24′ feet (for dust free storage) w/ Lights&Elect.
Partially enclosed Loft Storage Area 16′ x 24′ above Enclosed Storage Room
Separate Storage Building : 8′ wide x 45′ ft long x 9′ height. Enclosed “lockable” Storage Unit. Large Kline Storage Container Unit made of stainless steel -unribbed- smooth surface type, completely enclosed in an outer wood structure (12’x65′) with straw bale insulation on the roof to keep it cooler and completely enclose for long term bug free storage. Additional side hallway storage listed below:
Hallway Storage Area : 4′ x 45′ runs the length, outside of the Kline Storage Unit (above) with lots of Shelves for easily accessible items ie; “open access storage”.
Breezeway : 14′ x 22′  x 12′ height “Open Air” : Covered: metal roof & wooden wall enclosed 14′ wide “walk way/space” connects Metal Building to Storage Building. It is a separate area but attached to both. Has two glass windows (approx 4′ x 8′) and one metal mesh “open air” 4′ x 8′ window (breezeway) with front & back lockable doors, lockable to the outside.  Use as is or a nice space to make into a Loft Studio Casita. (Buyer can apply for building permit to do so.)
Large Car Port Awning  50′ long x 18’deep 12-14′ height Sun Shade Area Car Port or Porch runs along ¾ length of the large Metal Building. Great for cars, boats, camper or shady lounge area “porch”. Use as is or a nice space to enclosed to make into a Home. (Buyer can apply for building permit to do so.)
1-Greenhouse 10’x 20′ feet, Metal Fine Screen Mesh Enclosed with 2 – 3′ x 20′ feet “Raised Beds” inside plumbed to Automatic Watering System.
Open Air” growing “Raised Beds 2 – 3’x 20′ feet raised beds along both sides of greenhouse connected to automatic watering system.
Mini- Orchard with Automatic Watering System over 1500 feet of PVC underground pipelines and drip watering system to over 13 fruit trees and 5 Grape Vines * with many extra pipe outlets to add more Trees of your own.  Plus 4 water “spigots” to access water in the yard area. Trees include:
2-Lemon (Improved Meyers & Lisbon), 1-Orange (Washington), 1-Clementine-Mandarine, 1-Tangelo, 1-Pomelo, 2-Apricots, 1-Peach,  2-Plum, 1-Pomegranate, 1-Pear and 5 Grape Vines= 1-Zinfandel, 1-Thompson, 1-Muscat, 1-Flame, 1-Concord, 2-Pakistan-Fruiting Mulberry Trees,  1-Fig,
Desert Trees & Plants: Mesquite, Acacia, Desert Willow, Joshua Trees and Octillo, Prickly Pear, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Rosemary also on the land within the fenced yard.
“Off the Grid” Energy System:

Wind Generator 2000 watts PMG on an over 50′ retractable Pole
48 Volt  System Solar Panel System with
8 – 220 watt Solaria Solar Panels
8 – 187 watt Kyosera Solar Panels
Over 3000 watts of Solar
8 Trojan “Off Grid” RE (Renewable Energy) Batteries
Coleman Air Solar & Wind Charge Controller
10,000 watt low frequency Inverter used for pumping water at 220 and also runs 110 (this Inverter is grid tie-able).
Breaker Box to 6 locations: Outside Garden/ Frig / Breezeway / Metal Building / Tool Room / Well Pump.
Back Up Propane Generator: Generac 1100 watt (rarely ever used).
This is a very efficient Solar and Wind Powered System with over 3000+ watts of Solar and capable of 2000 watts of Wind. Provides energy to run refrigerator, electrical appliances, washing machine, power tools, runs drip irrigation to orchard and powers the 220 volts well pump.

FYI-Grid Access is approximately 1/2 mile away for those who want to “hook-up”.

Water and Water Rights *
Water Well at approximately 11 gpm with 1500 gallon with Gravity Feed Water Tank Storage System. Water Rights included !* (rare and important …Water Rights Note)
Approved Septic with plumbing to a standard outdoor Toilet and plumbing to an area where a home can be built.

Appliances: Gas Stove (not presently installed but wiring, plumbing and gas lines in place ready for installation) Outdoor Washing Machine with Utility Sink.

Inner Fenced “Front” Yard approximately 120′ x 120′ feet surrounds the Mini-Orchard, Grapes, Greenhouse and various desert plants growing within the yard. With a Gate to Drive in Front Yard Area and Walk Gates to access both sides.

Outer Fenced Acreage : The 38.99 acres has a boundary fence of barbed wire fencing all around the acreage. (minus aprox. 10′ along easements) The only other fence is the Inner Fenced Yard as described above.

West-NW Backs to BLM Land BLM=Bureau of Land Management which is Thousands of acres of Government Managed Natural Land (with Mountains in the near distance) for easy access to Off Road Trails. ie: “Backing up to BLM land” is considered to be a highly desirable location for more privacy and easy access to nature.

Elevation : 1800′ feet. Being located at 1800 feet elevation between Kingman and Lake Havasu makes it about 10 degrees cooler in the Summer than Lake Havasu and about 10 degrees warmer in the winter than Kingman.

Beautiful Views Location : “Foothills plains” location with a view overlooking across the large desert valley floor to the East with a Grand View of the stunning majestic Hualapai Mountains (approximately 8,000′ feet peaks) Watch the shadow of the clouds roll across the desert floor.

To the West-NW the land backs to BLM land with a nice closer view of the Havasupai Mountains.

Zoned: Agriculture/Residential.

Property Tax : approximately: $ 500 USD per year

Property Association Fee : $ 150 per year to Santa Fe Ranch Owners Association which maintains the roadways and has CCR’s (cleanliness regulations) to keep the pristine quality of the land in place to uphold and maintain Property Values. Its possible to divide land into smaller acreage parcels with Neighbors’ and Association approval. All Santa Fe Ranch Property Owners are eligible to be elected to the Board.


In the Santa Fe Ranch Private Development, (a new development since 2000) along the “foothill plains” over looking the lush desert located South of Yucca, Arizona, USA. Approximately 15 miles from the small town of Yucca and 50 miles from both Lake Havasu and Kingman (either direction) and approximately a 129 miles (3 hour drive) from Las Vegas, 4 hrs from Phoenix, AZ, 9 hrs from San Francisco, CA and Albuquerque, NM, 5-7 hrs from Los Angeles, CA.

We love the location ! Far enough from the maddening crowd yet close enough to all of the local town conveniences and world class shopping and entertainment in Vegas.

Plus… this property is located next door ( ½ mile away from) to the Santa Fe Guest Ranch that recently sold for over 1.5 mil. $$$ in 2014.

Note from Seller:
“After experiencing the hard hard work and effort it takes to go from completely empty rural “Outback” remote land to making it comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the space, we have to say that this is an “Ideal Set Up” now.  Now, anyone can be comfortable enough to ENJOY building their Custom Home or whatever else they like -OR- Bring their Motorhome and enjoy a Giant Spacious Workshop, comfortable indoor-outdoor living, beautiful views, wide open spaces, relaxing quiet, fresh air, clean own private well water & nature at its desert best !”

ps. “There are other 40 acre parcels throughout AZ… but most cannot compare to this Beautiful Unobstructed Foothill Mountain & Desert Valley Views now Ready Set to Enjoy this Sublime Survivalist “Escape from it all !”  Gem in the Raw.  Ready for the Self-Sufficient, Creative, Adventurous and Enlightened to truly ENJOY and experience the magical Desert at its Best as it still exists in the Land Before Time.”

Entrapeneurs, Vintners, Creative People and “Survivalists” :
This is ideal for someone to build a RETREAT CENTER or Winery or Custom  Home or use as a “Survivalists’ Escape”  (*these are just ideas…and the new owner may need to apply for Permits to do some of these ideas)
For Example:

Make into a RETREAT CENTER :  Simply cover the cement floors of the 50’x75′ Building with bamboo flooring and turn it into a spacious Yoga-Tai-chi-Meditation-Seminar Center (3750sqft), make the storage unit into a Commercial Kitchen (if allowed by County Permits) .  Guests will be astonished by the extreme quietness and Meditators will have no distractions other than their own mind.  This is an ideal location to create an extremely successful Workshop Center like the Esalen Institute  in Big Sur. The Central Location makes it easy to draw in guests : just 3 hrs from Las Vegas, NV, 4 hrs from Phoenix, AZ, 9 hrs from San Francisco, CA and Albuquerque, NM, 5-7 hrs from Los Angeles, CA. (we love the location !)

Turn it into a Glamping Park Area: Did you hear of the latest trend in Camping ? It’s called “Glamping” which means “Glamorous Camping”. It may be possible to set up your own “Glamping Park” and get Permits to build a Commercial Kitchen so that you can offer Cafe Lattes and Espresso to the weary City Folks who come to experience the sublime silence of this magical desert and will still need their coffee after a late night viewing the unbelievable Starry Starry Night Sky.

For Vintners : Did you know… Grapes THRIVE in Arizona !
Plenty of room for the wine making equipment right in the big metal building…then..if you want that Tuscan Winery Up On the Hill  “look” …just Straw-bale the outside of the Big Metal Building and it will be like the early days of Napa Valley with a great location to City Folks (from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Southern California & the Tri-state Area) who want to drive out of town for a day of Wine Tasting.  Cheers !

For Creative People : Get in on the latest trend:  make  a “Container Home” with more room to store things in the 4′ x 45′ hallway on the side and additional usable space in the 14′ x 22′ “Breezeway” area. Enjoy the Warehouse Size Space to Create:  Paint,  Sculpture, Furniture Designers, Classic Car Restoration or for what-ever is your expression.  Writers will find a place with NO Distractions, will get inspiration from the wide open spaces as they fall in love with the Earth and find truthful words gifted to them from the quiet unlimited spirits of the sky.

For Survivalists : Learn to live from the Garden & Fruits from the Trees and/or get permits to hunt in the vast BLM “backyard”.  If you like, Store loads of food in the 8’x45′ (9’tall) Container. Invent & build things in the Grand Building Workshop Area.
Have fun as the World Turns !


For Snow Birds …just ready to Relax : Bring your Motor-home and enjoy a Giant Spacious Workshop… Big enough to drive thru and store your Prevost or Grand-sized 5th Wheel (when/if you’re not here)  plus Enjoy this beautiful AZ land like it is your own Private Motorhome Park with Quiet Peaceful Privacy, Fresh Air, Fresh Water, Green Gardens, Sunny Days and Starry Starry Nights.

Wide open spaces to relax, work and play !
Tranquil,  living back to Earth in the “Outback of Arizona”.


Bring your toys, your horses, your goats and everyone you love !

Make your Dreams a Reality !
Asking $390,000
For more information or to contact the Seller on this Property
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Thank You.

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