SWALE CREEK w/salmon, steelhead and a busy beaver, flows year round through this JUST REMOTE ENOUGH 78+ acres of excellent recreational getaway property, accessible home site, Rails2Trails RR bed for hiking, great for hunting too. Off the grid living or Prepper bug out spot, electric power distant, solar or propane will do, great positive flow Artesian well (no pump needed), usable private access road. Pine, fir and oak trees, good neighbors in area.

Located in the upper middle area of the wild and scenic Klickitat River Canyon, this 78+ acres of ground has a year round fish bearing creek flowing through it and a positive pressure artesian well for excellent domestic water supply.  Sunny weather, an access road that will deter intruders but still allow for daily use if needed.  End of the road location for extreme privacy.  Like minded owners of nearby large properties also value isolation and privacy, but will be good advocates if the SHTF in the future.  This place would be great for a vacation getaway retreat, communal compound, prepper bug out, or hunter’s paradise.  Suited for solar and possibly wind power.  Electricity distant, but propane delivery possible for year round comfort as a power supply, especially is augmented with solar.  Emergency access to the property can be made via the rails to trails railbed that cuts through the SW corner of the property; not usually open to vehicular traffic, just occasional hikers who must remain on the trail to avoid trespassing charges.  This is the best of the area properties in the location and it served as a year round residential use for several years before the owners moved into town when their young children became school aged, years ago.  The old structures still on the property are of no value.  The creek is a fish bearing stream, year round, with salmon, steelhead, possibly trout, and some beaver dams.  The area is known for excellent deer and wild turkey hunting.  Just remote enough and off the grid, still only a short drive back to town for mail and supplies and within 2.5-3 hours of Portland or Yakima.  Most people can't find this place even when they know where it is and are looking for it, yet this is one of the perfect spots to hang your hat and still be able to jump back out and fish the mighty Klickitat River or white water raft or kayak…. located about 15 miles north of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area boundary line and the Columbia River and about 100 miles from Portland, OR.

Snooze you lose so call soon. Listed by experienced local real estate broker. Please call 509-637-3997 for more info and answers to your questions. This area is at the western edge of the American Redoubt…. located in Klickitat County, WA. Listed by Cathy Titchenal, Pathfinder Managing Broker

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