This great 40-acre property has amazing views of the San Pedro River Valley and Rincon Mountains. The property contains a 650sqft, 1bed, 1bath, Earthship house with fireplace and solar water heating. In addition to the house, there is a septic system, a pump house that contains the well, an underground storage room, a water tank house, and several sheds. All power, including to run the pump, is solar powered with battery storage and generator back-up. There are two large garden beds fully irrigated and fenced off from wildlife. This is a great property to live off the grid. The Earthship house is made of tires compacted with dirt then incased with cement on the interior and exterior and finished with a beautiful rock pattern on the exterior walls. Due to the unique construction method, the house stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Property Features
Well or Spring
Off-Grid, Solar/Hydro/Wind
Year Round Road
Home Features
1 bedrooms
1 baths
Additional Features

Property Features

  • 000 gallons)
  • 3 large water holding tanks (one is 20
  • airstrip adjacent to property
  • Home
  • underground storage


  • Cascabel, Arizona cascabel, Arizona 85602
  • 32.2914623, -110.3795221