Secure within 870 acres of pristine coastal property, this spectacular coastal safe haven has direct Caribbean boat access and weather-protected docks. It is amidst some of the finest sport & culinary fishing in the world. Used now as a private, back-country, catch-and-release, tarpon fishing lodge, this property has a luxurious main residence or “lodge”, plus two strategically-placed 2-BR residences now housing security and maintenance staff. With no neighbors for many miles, it is lock-down-secure, surrounded by thousands of hectares of wild national lands.

The estate has park-quality trails through its seaside savanna, high-canopy mountain jungle, dramatic karst hills, large caves, year-round freshwater streams, and fruit groves & vegetable gardens. This wild coastal area, designated an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary, is one of our planet’s last wild frontiers, with healthy populations of all Central America’s wild cats (including jaguar, ocelot, jaguarundi), flocks of colorful jungle birds, monkeys, blue morpho butterflies, thousands of wild orchids & bromeliads ~ with flora and fauna in primordial natural abundance.


Leave New York, Denver or Minneapolis in the morning, and have your boat or SUV waiting for you before noon at Belize’s small international airport (“BZE”). The property is 90 minutes from the airport by boat or SUV, and 12 minutes by air ~ with a paved jungle landing strip nearby on a Caribbean beach (where we also swim). Nobody will see you come and go by boat, 4X4 or air ~ from anywhere in the world. Our secure gate is many miles from any habitation. The Coastal Road is an all-weather gravel road, while this property has 2-1/2 miles of secure, paved roads, and 6 miles of national-park-quality hiking & bike trails.


Completely self-sufficient and off-grid, the property features a modern, 2,100 sq. ft. off-grid, craftsman-built lodge made of reinforced concrete and local hardwood. It has 3 bedrooms each with ensuite baths and veranda access. Its computerized power system consists of 50 solar panels, 36 maintenance-free gell-cell batteries, a double inverter system, a “WhisperJet” wind turbine, and back-up propane-powered generator. Next to the Great Room is a modern kitchen with dishwasher and all appliances. Water is provided by a filtered rainwater catchment system with 18,000 liter tanks filled by ample rainfall coming in off the nearby Caribbean Sea. Communication comes from 3G cellular service, yagi antenna & booster, and a satellite dish. The lodge’s panoramic, wrap-around hardwood veranda with bamboo balustrades, offers mountain and seaside lagoon views. A beautiful 18,000-gallon swimming pool (salt filtered) adjoins the house, with extensive decks leading to the “Mayan Kitchen”. This outdoor Mayan Kitchen features mahogany counters, a rosewood mantle, a 13ft-high stone-faced masonry chimney, 5′ x 5′ fire hearth – all hand made, with a tightly-woven bayleaf thatch roof, perfect for epic barbecuing and entertaining. Downstairs is laundry, workshop, and open, under-house parking. Two additional 2BR off grid homes are strategically situated on the property, currently housing families of our watchmen/ maintenance/ mechanics. The property is staffed and maintained at very low cost.

The waterfront features a 150ft dock with thatched ‘palapa’ room dock extending into the seaside lagoon, also a 52-ft secure dock with boat launch in “Crocodile Creek”. Its shallow-draft skiff is used for fishing and Caribbean beach picnicking, plus a sailboat and canoes. Just offshore is the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world ~ with white-sand coral islands strung like pearls across the blue sea. This is the perfect place for island sailing, reef diving, snorkeling, and sport fishing. Miles and miles of nearby Caribbean beaches are mostly uninhabited and undeveloped.

The park-like setting of this property, with its system of roads, hills, fruit groves, and large, seaside lagoons offers good opportunity for further residential development for like-minded friends & family, as well as effective insulation from outside influence.

• 870 pristine acres
• Caribbean access docks
• 1 mile water frontage on an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary
• 1 mile frontage on Belize’s strategic Coastal Road
• 3 off-grid solar powered residences
• Main 2,100 sq ft lodge has robust, state-of-technology solar/ wind power w/ generator backup
• 3 BR with ensuite bathrooms and veranda access
• Filtered rainwater catchment systems w/ backup wells
• Gated, paved road, 2-1/2 mi to waterfront
• On Belize’s strategic Coastal Road
• Fruit groves
• Vegetable gardens
• Chicken production
• Large, limestone caverns w/ Mayan artifacts
• Excellent fishing (freshwater & saltwater)
• Accessible by boat, air & vehicle
• Clear, freehold title, capable of title insurance
• Appraised at $5,000,000 USD

BELIZE is an English-speaking country on Central America’s Caribbean coast. It is a British Commonwealth Country, with a stable, Parliamentary democracy, protected by the British army. It is by far the most stable country in Central or even South America. Its currency is pegged 2:1 to the US dollar, with the $US accepted throughout in transactions. Although Belize does have modern banks and on-line banking, it is primarily a cash & barter economy with NO possibility of becoming a digital-currency gulag.

Belize is a sparsely-populated country. Its population density is one-thirteenth that of Costa Rica. More people live in Colorado Springs than in the entire country of Belize. Almost twice as many people live in Wyoming than in Belize. Belize has very fertile farmland, the ideal climate for agriculture and relaxation, ample rainfall, and NO polluting industry. Agriculture is Belize’s leading industry, and Belize exports far more food than it consumes. Row crops, rice, fruit, sugar, citrus, hardwoods, coconut, vegetables, shrimp, bananas, and rum are some of its exports. Taxes are ridiculously low, especially property tax. One can grow food year-round, with at least two harvests yearly. For this reason, Belize’s poorest people can live a subsistence lifestyle growing lush gardens, catching fish and hunting. If the TS were to HTF, many Belizeans would hardly notice ~ they would just head back to Grampa’s farm. Because of Belize having been a British colony, every town and most small villages have treated public water systems. For this reason, water-borne diseases are not a problem here as they are in Mexico, Guatemala or Costa Rica ~ so no “Montezuma’s revenge” is experienced here when eating sidewalk or roadside food.

One can fly into Belize before noon from most American locations. You’ll be on your panoramic veranda in Belize faster than you can bug out to the hills, or drive to some God-forsaken missile-silo in Kansas. Direct flights come from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Charlotte, Cancun, Merida, and all over the Caribbean, Central and South America. You can boat and sail here from anywhere.


Weather? Florida, and USA’s east and gulf coast receive many more hurricanes than Belize. Its barrier reef deflects many storms up to Yucatan, or down to Honduras. Other than that, it is usually in the 80s, temp and humidity. Sometimes in the 90s. Occasionally a cold spell at night will dip into the low 70s. Steady Caribbean breezes power the wind turbines. An average of 80″ of rain per year keeps our tanks full, our rivers flowing, and our crops growing.

When TSHTF, this is where you want to be. If TS never does HTF, you and your family can relax and vacation here in laid-back Caribbean style, owning clear title to a lush, secure, enjoyable, sustainable property that has been appreciating in value, slowly and inexorably, decade after decade.

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