Home and buildings retrofitted using techniques from Joel Skousen’s book Secure Home.

1 1/2 story totally remodeled farm house, all sheet rock, modern wiring, 3 ceiling fans, new cabinets in kitchen, dining room and bathroom, tile and hardwood floors on first level, wall air conditioners both floors, electric baseboard heat, wood burning stove can heat the whole house. upright frig, upright freezer, Bosch dishwasher, LP stove, LP dryer, LP new hot water heater, 3 bedrooms plus 1 small bedroom, 1 full bath in living area, vinyl siding, room for 4 cars in building/garages, central vacuum, septic system fenced in privacy area, many large trees, large garden and patio and chicken house. Very energy efficient. Septic system works good however at the time of close I will be required to put in a complete new septic system and lateral fields which I will do at my expense before close.

Retrofitted for maximum nuclear and EMP protection. Basement in home retrofitted with 12” thick steel reinforced cement, also retrofitted with 12” thick steel reinforced concrete in the ceilings making and impenetrable safe area. Entry to area is concealed with large vault door. This area is currently set to sleep 4 people, with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, desk and storage room. Includes the following: Security center wired for 11 exterior cameras. Whole home security system with 24/7 monitoring. Water storage for over 600 gallons of fresh water. Ham radio transceiver, weather radios and scanners. 24-volt lighting system in shelter.  Included is over $75,000 of food and supplies. A large amount of 25-year shelf life Mountain house freeze died food. Enough food for 4 people for 2-3 years. Air venting system which runs off of 24-volt electrical system. LP stove, 2 sinks and marine pump toilet to septic system, plus hundreds of survival books and medical supplies. Includes covered firewood for at least 3-4 seasons.

When grid power goes out a custom electrical back up system for critical circuits instantly comes online. All devices are protected with professional grade EMP protection. System includes 20 AGM 6 volt batteries with total 2,000 Ah capacity. Includes Victron 3000/24 volt Invertor/Charge, Victron 24 volt chargers Xantrex supplemental 1,800 watt invertor, Two Xantrex Solar controllers (plus two backup units), Solar panels creating over 3,000 watts for charging batteries, plus generator panel in house along with current usage meters and battery status meters. Extra diodes for panels in case of nuclear event.

Generator located remotely accessible through underground tunnel. Includes 400 gallons of diesel fuel with fuel preservative. Tunnel is secured at both ends with steel plated doors. Generator is fully mechanical EMP proof, crank hand start, Lister Clone 2 cylinder, 12 hp, 6,000 watt, 650 rpm slow speed generator uses an amazing 1/4 to 1/3 gallon of diesel fuel per hour to recharge battery bank or run electric load. Includes back-up 6,000 watt new generator head. 4-foot hospital grade muffler makes generator silent to any passing traffic. Water softener, large charcoal water filters, UV light water purifier, 25-gallon water distiller. Primary water is rural water system but with a flip of a value you can run separate enclosed well with all hydrants secured inside of buildings. Special low start-up surge 120 volt well pump. All electric grid lines underground as well as all solar and generator lines.

Home tax assessment is way understated. I don’t let then in the house or on the property. Current taxes under $2,000 per year. Asking price $375,000 cash I am not going to allow bankers and inspectors into see this highly confidential property. So, if you are looking for a turnkey EMP/Nuclear protected home with everything your family needs to survive 2-3 years without leaving the property and you can show proof that you have the funds in cash I will talk to you confidentially. No pictures are going to be posted.

Within 25 miles of Des Moines, Iowa – 4 miles from nice sized city.

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3 bedrooms
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