I have for sale or lease four 10 acre parcels of nice remote access land. It has drainage running through it from year round McKnight springs and flows through property to Humboldt river just 100 yards from property border 3 seasons. I love this paradise but bought bug out land closer to home. This land is so awesome nobody will be able to find you except from the air.

This used to be pasture land from the now abandoned McKnight ranch. There are still free range cattle, antelope, and deer wandering around drinking at the springs. The soil seems like it would be quite fertile if irrigated.

A well would probably be very shallow since the outfall of McKnight goes underground 1/4 of the year but obviously ends up joining the river. For $3,000 I can come drill a well on your property with my 4 inch mobile drilling rig. It would be easy to set up a solar pump and 300 gallon storage tank, with the overflow going back into the well to stay fresh. That’s how I would set it up. Then hook that to your RV trailer.

The river is an excellent cutthroat trout fly fisherman’s dream. Limit is 10 trout and 15 warm water game fish of which not more than 5 may be largemouth bass, 5 may be walleye and 5 may be white bass or wipers which are over 14 inches in length.

The land has a nice dusty road to it but you must pass through a couple farmers gates. By Nevada law they must allow you access to your own land. I visited it the first time in a minivan but I recommend you take your 4×4 pickup truck. It has one pretty steep hill so I would also recommend trailer brakes if you want to take an RV trailer out there. There really isn’t any trees but the sage brush can be cleared and cut in pieces to burn in a wood stove if you put a small tiny house out there.

One of the 4 parcels has a hill that you could dig into for a basement or bomb shelter / root cellar.

So the details. I want to help you have a safe bug out location. I wont charge any interest.

  • Each 10 acre parcel is $10,000.
  • For a 10 acre parcel I need $2,000 down and $250 a month for 3 years. Cash price $8, 000
  • I will sell the whole 40 acres for $35,000
  • For the 40 acres I would take $5,000 down and $500 a month for 5 years. Cash price $30,000

I have lots of pictures of the land and will share them with interested parties. 4 like minded families could go bug-out together!

NE corner of 40 acres is 41.233880, -115.527635

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Civic Water Supply or None, Well or Spring
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