This rural homestead is a year-round residence, with all of the modern conveniences- grid power, broadband internet, and many upscale features. In addition, it provides robust off-grid production and independence.

It is located in the "Southern Tier" region of New York State- where the foothills of Appalachia erupt into the southwestern portion of the state. The property has four-season access, but is secluded, far from large cities, and not on the way to anywhere else. The nearest city is Olean, about 30 minutes away.

The house is a 1700 sf, two story saltbox with a full basement. It is well-insulated,  and its passive solar design provides free heat and light during the heating season, yet remains cool in the summer. Winter heat is provided by a masonry heater- a massive brick woodstove  that provides an even, gentle radiating heat throughout the house. It doesn't require electricity to work, has three moving parts, and 2.5 cords of wood will keep the house comfy during the heating season. Fill the woodshed, and you will have 8 years of heat.

In addition to access to the grid, a 5.4 KW PV system charges the battery bank for off-grid operation. Water heating and cooking is provided by propane. The well and septic system are reliable and functional.

There is a two-story, 24' x 30' timber frame barn for storage and workspace. It has a rainwater catchment and pump system that provides irrigation for the farm. There is also a brick wood-fired bread/pizza oven on the back of the barn.

For the past 10 years, we have raised vegetables, herbs, fruits, mushrooms, and chickens for our own use, as well as commercial sale. We have been able to grow large amounts of high quality food in a small area, without artificial chemicals, expensive equipment, or even the appearance of being a typical farm.

In short, this home was designed to exceed the typical modern home in comfort and efficiency and be able to do so in a long term off-grid situation. It has been proven and refined over a decade of full-time living. It has many other features that have not been mentioned here.

Please contact us with any questions, or to arrange a visit. Thank you for your interest!

Property Features
Fenced or Gated
Barn, Garden
Grid Connected, Off-Grid, Solar
Cell, Internet, Phone
Year Round Road
Home Features
3 bedrooms
1.5 baths
Additional Features

Property Features

  • hen-house
  • outdoor wood-fired bread/pizza oven
  • pond
  • rainwater catchment
  • Timber-framed barn
  • woodshed


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