I have sold this property owner finance twice for 32,900, Just looking for a quick sale at this point

The land alone with no improvements should be worth about what I am asking. But no locals seem to know or appreciate what a monolithic dome even is..

I have dropped the price, I am just looking for someone who knows what a monolithic dome home is, Isn't afraid of the work ahead to finish the home, and can really appreciate it…

2- 20' Monolithic Domes- and another 20' dome that is just the airform and insulation there is an extension between the domes

Plenty of Large lakes about 3 miles away

1 installed front door, 1 additional space for a second front door, 2 installed back doors, unfinished kitchen, unfinished bathroom, unfinished electrical work, plenty of windows and skylights, city water and 1500 gallon septic connected to kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and toilet, wood stove already set up. City water connected. The previous Tenant reported problems with drainage.

After reposession It was a cold winter and since utilities utilities were shut off, I was worried about freezing pipes, so I hired a plumber to winterize everything. Anyone is welcome to run any tests they wish as long as they rewinterize.

I have not calculated the SQ FT but would say there is around 1000 Total

TRADES are welcome, but you must contact me and we must agree on the value of your trade….

To someone that appreciates a monolithic dome home, can relocate, and can APPLY 'elbow grease'……this is a good deal.

I really wish I could figure out a way to cut the domes off so I could keep them, and sell the vacant lot, but I think the cutting and transporting the domes would just cost too much.

If you do some research and get the total price on the construction of just an outer shell of a one single 20' dome and you will run to this deal.

There was a lots of work done on this home, but still lots of work left… However if you were looking to build, you now have a shortcut.

The story on this place is- a Vietnam vet started building it, and went quite a way in building… I think he was living in it…However The Vietnam vet had some personal issues and sold it-

The New owner tried to be nice and owner finance it, the owner financiers were an unbelievable nightmare, among other things they tore up and didn't finish improving- there was a fourth connected 20' dome that is now mostly cut off – It sounds as though they may have stolen some type of "endless pool" out of it… What kind of person does that?

There are two metal buildings on site

It is about three miles from the lake, it has mostly expensive houses nearby except for one trailer.

I really wish it was closer to my work, but it's just to far away…

There was a lot of work done here… but also there is a lot of work still left, so be prepared for that.

Thanks and have a great day

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Grid Connected, Public Electric - Back up Generator
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