The owner-builder has spent the past 20 years researching, planning, designing, and building this “Prepper Family Refuge”. Now, that its almost completed, he finds himself with a health issue that requires it to be sold. Hopefully, to someone who has a “Prepper Mindset” and the ability to appreciate and enjoy all the survival benefits and comforts this property offers. In the owner-builder opinion, it’s the best survival property on the west coast in its price range. Built on 9.12 acres of substainable “off-the-grid property” located in eastern Oregon, it meets all the following survival criteria and regulations:

Survival Criteria

  • Must be isolated from “unprepared people”.
  • Must be easy to “cut-off unprepared people” from entering the neighborhood.
  • Must not “draw unprepared people” to the neighborhood (like lakes & rivers).
  • Must be located in a very low populated neighborhood.
  • Must offer abundant wildlife for food source, if needed.
  • Must be a mild year around climate with a good garden growing season.
  • Must provide a dependable year around water source.
  • Must provide at least 2,000 cubic feet of storage space for long term food storage that maintains 40-70 degrees year around temperature without using any power source.
  • Additionally, must be rodent free.
  • Must provide standard of living comforts comtempary families are now use too.
  • Must provide usable terrain–(preferred mostly flat with mild slope for run-off).
  • Must provide good source of wood heating.
  • Must provide pasture for small animal livestock (i.e. goats-milk & meat source).
  • Must be located in a FEMA wind current nuclear fallout (biological too) safe zone area.
  • Must obtain required and approved building permits.
  • Must employ useful earthquake protection measures where possible.
  • Must be able to install the water distribution system to avoid freezing and easy to winterize, if property is vacant during the winter.
  • Must provide additional living space for extended family and friends (RV sites, out-buildings, shelters, etc.)


Raw isolated land was finally found, purchased in 2010, and subsequently developed with the above criteria as prime factors. The main criteria “location” is at the heart of survial when things go south. Therefore, this property location provides the isolation away from “unprepared people”, a good substainable climate for growing things, especially with a greenhouse, abundant wildlife (lots of deer & antelope, limited elk, great fishing in a 30 mile radius) and a great year around living environment consisting of nine (9) months of great weather 60-90 degrees and three (3) months of winter conditions including snow. The neighborhood consist of five (5) year around independent families and a half dozen part-timers who all tend to their own business affairs but are available when needed. Our closest neighbor is one mile away.

This property has been designed and built to even accommodate your “extended family and friends” by providing seven (7) RV site hook-ups with water, sewer and additional separate men and women bathroom facilies. In times of crisis, its good to have family and friends close by that can help you survive.

Not only does this property provide the best survial benefits, but it also comes with great comfortable living infrastructure conditions and a beautiful relaxing setting, especially from the deck. It has hot and cold running water connected to a very reliable well and septic system, heating system (propane and wood) cooling system (ceiling fans), and a electrical off-the-grid solar system. All the creature comforts of city and urban living including satellite TV and internet connections.

National Forest surrounds this property and its located 20 miles from Bly, Oregon (town of 500 with grocery store, restraurant and gas pump facilities) and 70 miles from Klamath Falls, Oregon (city population of 21,000 that offers most big city shopping).

Detailed Description

9.12 acres of slight sloping flat terrain (50% pine trees and 50% pasture) completely fenced with 5′ high American woven wire (horse mesh approved) fencing with top single strand of barbed wire. Entry into property is through lockable 16′ W x 7’H double gates.

Home is a 864sf Fleetwood Manufactured Energy Efficient Home, (purchase new in 2011) that utilizes earthquake approved skirtings and consist of: 6 rooms, 2 bedrooms (master bed room with king size bed), 1bath with shower, kitchen, large living room, utility room, double wide, single story with snow load rated metal roof, large deck (40’x8′ area), propane water heater, cooking stove, furnace and clothes dryer, electric refrigerator, microwave, ceiling fans and clothes washer. This home installation has been permitted and approved by Klamath County.

1,640sf Special Designed Building Complex consisting of two 40′ long all metal shipping containers and corrugated metal roof canopy that provides 940sf of pull-thru RV storage or car port parking, 320sf of work shop area, 80sf of solar battery bank storage and 240sf of extended family separate men & women’s bath facilities (bath area is 60% completed and includes a handicap wheelchair shower and over-sized soaking tub). Most of the necessary parts and supplies are onsite to finish the bath facilities. The building structure complex has been permitted and approved by Klamath County.

640sf Barn & Feed Storage Building. Corral and fencing still needs to be completed. Most of the materials are on site. Note: All out-buildings perimeter walls are built from 6”X 6” solid wood ties with rebar fasteners for durability, earthquake protection, and snow load conditions because of flat roofs..

Fenced Propane Storage Yard that contains 2 ea.1000 gallons and 1 ea.120 gallon propane storage tanks (small 120 gallon tank is for filling small RV tanks).

Root Cellar Food Storage Container, 2,560 cubic feet (40’L x 8W x 8’H) fully insulated- floor, walls, and ceiling), utilizing earth powered 57 degree temperature to maintain 40-70 degree temperature year around and designed to be rodent free.

640sf Equipment Shed and Fuel Storage Building containing a special-built 120sf isolated room for storing 390 gallons of gasoline fuel in 55 gallon metal drums grounded for static electricity with 30 gallon internal polypropylene fuel storage drums.

720sf Green House (40% completed with most of the lumber and parts on site to finish construction).

Septic System – 1000 gallon tank and 225′ of drainline which has been permitted and approved by Klamath County.

Well Water System – 523′ deep, 367′ static water level, 20+ GPM, earthquake protected with 6” steel welded casing to 259′, 4” PVC threaded liner to 503′ plus 20′ screening. Well pump is a submersible Grundfos solar pump installed at 480′. This well has been permitted and approved by the State of Oregon.

Solar System – 1845 watts of 48VDC solar power from a portable (to follow sun path) nine (9) Solar Panel Array backed up with a 3500 watt gasoline generator for non-sunny days. Also includes a 1200 watts wind powered generator that still needs connecting.

Wood stove heating – permitted and approved by Klamath County.

Propane furnace heating system.

Propane cooking stove, water heater, and clothes dryer.

1200 gallon underground water storage cistern.

(2ea.) 250, (1 ea.) 650, and (1 ea.) 950 gallons above ground water storage tanks.

1200 sf seasonal pond.

Seven (7) RV Sites with six (6) sewer hook-ups and seven (7) water hook-ups. (Note: new owner will need to repair leak in water supply line).

Water distributed to 14 hose bibbs through-out property including root cellar, garden, corral, greenhouse, RV sites, and lawn areas. Each hose bibb is designed with its own water supply and drain valve for winterizing.

All paved roads to property except for last mile which is a good dirt road.

Property Annual & Monthly Cost

Hughes Net Internet service – $71 monthly
Direct TV service – $68 monthly
Property taxes: $650 annually.
Homeowners Insurance: $700 annually

Turnkey Conditions

  • Home “as is” completely furnished is included.
  • All work shop “as is” equipment, tools, and supplies are included.
  • All inventory “as is” of electrical and plumbing parts are included.
  • All Inventory “as is” of lumber and other building materials are included.
  • All inventory “as is” of all things remaining on property that’s haven’t been excluded in written sales contract.


The major mistake most people make when it comes to survival is not thinking the whole matter through. We order our lives according to “normalcy factors” (what’s normal). I have friends and family who have RV’s and most of them have made the following statement to me: “After the SHTF I will jump into my RV, head for the lake and hang-out for six months until things return to normal”. However, when you think the whole matter through, here’s the reality:

First, after the SHTF, martial law will freeze all travel within 24-48 hours. Therefore, you need to use this time to get to your predetermined final destination. This property is located approximately 800 miles (13-14 hours) from Los Angeles, 500 miles (8-9 hours) from San Fransico, 400 miles (7-8 hours) from Portland, and 550 miles (9-10 Hours) from the Seattle area.

Second, you need to get as far away from “unprepared people” as you can. When the SHTF everyone’s world will immediately change. The three (3) day supply of food at the grocery store will all be gone which will cause “unprepared people” to do anything necessary to survive. Yes, they will take what you have and not blink a eye. Wouldn’t you to keep your family alive?

Third, because of your foresight, planning, and action taken, you can take your family and friends to a isolated and prepared place of refuge. The peace-of-mind and comfort of knowning you have such a place for your family and friends to “ride-out-the-storm” will be the best investment of your life.


  1. If you have a prepper mindset, want to live in a year around outdoor private and isolated environment, like working with your hands, and have the means of supporting yourself, suggest you give this property serious consideration.
  2. If you have a prepper mindset but you need to stay where you are living yet you want to own a survival refuge for when the SHTF, than this property could work well for you. It can be winterized to avoid winter freezing problems when vacant and it has never been broken into or vandalized during 7 years of ownership.
  3. If you and others have a prepper mindset and are looking for a survival refuge that can accommodate several families with RV’s, suggest you pool your resources and purchase this property. All of you can work together to finish the bath facility, green house, barn corral/fencing, and water supply leak. Spend your vacation time getting to know each other better and your future neighborhood.


In order not to waste each others time, the real value of survival property is in all the “survival benefits and the off-the-grid comfortable living conditions” it provides in a remote survival refuge living experience. However, these remote requirements, presents a problem when determining the “fair market value” required by mortgage lenders who are only interested in the ease of reselling the property, not the survival benefits. For this reason, the owner-builder is disclosing that he has invested nearly $350,000 into this property as of March 2017 and has listed it for only $199,000, hoping for a quick sale. As far as its current appraised value for montgage lenders, (based on compariable non-built survival properties in the surrounding area), the owner-builder “estimates” that this property will appraise in 2017 for around $140-160,000. Unlike most off-the-grid survival property that seldom qualify for any kind of a mortgage loan, this property was appraised and approved for a bank mortgage in 2014.


The only reason this property is up for sale is because the owner-builder now has to use a “walker” and can no longer take care of it. If you have a serious interest in purchasing this property and the means to buy it, please call the owner-builder at 541-531-8112 (mobile). The property is located in Klamath County, OR (Bly 97622 area) and is Shown By Appointment Only. All offers will be considered to close this sale as soon as possible.

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