If you are in the stock market, time to jump out. Here is your landing place, at 8K' elevation in Northern New Mexico on the Colorado boarder. A barbed wire fence on the property separates the 2 states.

Peaceful is the word. Neighbors – half mile away. Elk permit for 4 years and got an elk. World class trout fishing and elk/bear/deer hunting starts 4 miles away, or less. The land is in the near valley under the snow capped mountains of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The kicker, year round road. The main north/south gravel road to the county seat is kept open all year. The land is 3/4 mile down a private road.

Only gas station around in 10 miles away with a little store. Closest real towns are Taos, NM 45 minutes or picturesque San Luis, CO 30 minutes away.

Time to pack if you can pay $12,500.00. With a large down payment, owner may finance to those with good credit.

The picture is from the land, looking southwest at a herd of wild horses running.  Can't get within a mile of them.

I am motivated to sell, contact Tim at 575-770-1961 or s20thkbs@aol.com, I have lots of details I can share.


Property Features
Commanding Views
4 WD Road, Seasonal/4WD Road
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  • Off-Grid Solar Land, 10 Acres at 8K feet, Taos NM Taos, New Mexico 87571
  • 36.98862448157037, -105.44123056249998