40 acres 1320 ft X 1320 ft on Big Sandy River just south of Signal AZ Ghost town. sets on bank of running river for 1/4 mile this is a running river 12 mo of the year with max flow of greater than 60,000 cu ft per second and min flow of 4 cu ft in the month of August located 13 miles from Wikieup AZ which has a school, gas, groceries and other supplies mail can be put in mail box 1 mile from the land and bus can pick up children. land is on west side of River so you have access when flow is high. this land is rich in game and vegetation Deer, ELK in winter, Bod cats, mountain lion,big Horn Owl, bald Eagle,Burro,Javelina hogs. And many species of vegetation. Sets at mouth of signal canyon I have not improved ingress egress to keep unwanted out. shows on map as jeep trail can be changed if you want. also has mining tunnels in section to south that could be used for under ground safe location. Hand dug well is possible. wind and solar are possible. NE 1/4 Nw 1/4 section 21 T 13 R 13 in Mohave County AZ

Property Features
Commanding Views, End of the Road
Stream or Pond, Waterfront
4 WD Road, Year Round Road
Home Features


  • Off grid survival property Wikieup, Arizona 85360
  • 34.705140, -113.611840