Recipe for a Good Life
And Business Opportunity


  • 1 parcel rural property
  • 1 facility for business conducted from home
    with potential for living space for 1 or more families
  • 6 acres cleared and fenced for pasture,
    small crops and garden to which no chemicals have been applied
  • 4 established fruit trees
  • 1 creek


  • Purchase
  • Set up business (see note below)
  • Complete living quarters (see note below)
  • Move in
  • Plant garden

This property is located in rural middle Tennessee between Erin and Dickson.
The building is a 13,000 square foot facility which houses a steel building business
and Back to the Land Store. The steel room is equipped with racks on either side
for storage of up to 500,000 lbs of steel panels. Roll-up doors on both ends allow
large trucks to drive through the building. Adjacent to that room is 4,896 square
feet of open space which could easily be converted to living space for one or more
families – a barndominium, if you will. The remaining 2,864 square foot space
consists of office, break room, store, commercial kitchen (no appliances), all of
which is heated and cooled. The potential uses are endless.
The owner is a builder and could assist in finishing the building to your
specifications if needed and/or help in continuing the steel business.
The Back to the Land Store domain is also available for purchase.

$325,000 cash

Or rent to own option@$2,500/mo with 3 months rent in advance

Call or text Pam at 931-627-0017


Property Features
Grid Connected
Home Features


  • 545 Salmon Branch Road Erin, Tennessee 37061
  • 36.216522244248786, -87.5464259703125