Situated in the Andes Mountains 1-1/2 hours from the expat retirement haven of Cuenca Ecuador in the Yunguilla Valley, an area of weekend and vacation homes, sits this 14.69 acre (59,440 sq meter) property reaching down from  the side of the tallest peak in the area to the Giron river. The property is split in half  (each having it's own deed) by a well maintained gravel road (2wd access) about 4.8 km (15 minutes) from the Cuenca-Giron Pasaje (highway 59) about 1/2 way between the city of Cuenca and the port city of Machala in the province of Azuay, Parroquia (township) of Giron    3 degrees 15 minutes 25 seconds south 79 degrees 11 minutes 39 seconds west at an altitude of roughly 5400 ft. at the road.

This property has everything needed to be a small compound/multi family property. There is an ESTABLISHED and fruiting  permaculture food forest on each parcel with numerous different kinds of oranges, lemon, cherimoya, coffee and 6 different varieties of bananas. This property contains hundreds of producing fruit trees plus 60 younger avocado, mango and citrus trees have been planted on the lower parcel in the last 2 years as well as 100 banana trees. Some of the citrus trees are decades old and you won't find better oranges anywhere and are staggered to bear almost all year long.

The land at the uppermost part above the road 34,041 sq. meters (8.412 acres) includes the base of the tallest peak in the area(12,000 ft +) including 5 very nice homesites  with a small adobe house which has been repaired and used for storage, has a bathroom with shower and power of north American standard, potable water and power accessible to rest of parcel. This has about 60% of the land area and the larger more established food forest with gravity fed canal irrigation producing more than adequate  water year round to keep it healthy.

The lower parcel is much flatter and is about 90% usable land.It totals 25,400 sq. meters or 6.27 acres of land. It borders the road where there is new primary power the full width of the property and a PRIVATE 25kva transformer all installed June of this year (2018). There is a private road inside the property line running the upper portion used for construction equipment (breaker run) with solid base but could use a topcoat of fine gravel. At the end of the road is the main irrigation canal which provides 8 hours of water per week and feeds a pond should the 3  ponds on this parcel not be sufficient to irrigate the food forest and the rest of the cropland and another access to potable water. Below the ridge is another flat area with numerous fruit and coffee trees and a large almost flat area (enough pitch to use gravity irrigation from pond) room for 2-3 homesites or growing area. At the base of this portion is the Giron river which flows all year with 115 meters of frontage on the river.

Land in this area this fertile with this much water are selling for $8-$16 per sq. meter depending on the terrain of the land. Land of this quality can support numerous families. The average family plot of land in Ecuador is an acre or less and many locals raise a family of 5-6 on an these parcels. Priced at $9.25 per meter. This property is not only the perfect place to thrive instead of survive, it is a great investment because it diversifies your holdings to include offshore assets. What make this property an exceptional investment is the larger tracts of land in this area have risen in price 12-15% in the last year largely because people are starting to realize the U.S. is not the place to be if there is a long term event.

Did I mention the view and the 365 day growing season ?


Ed Bradford

U.S. 920-785-3590

Ec. 098-332-0463

Property Features
Commanding Views, End of the Road
Aquaculture, Fields, Garden, Orchard, Pasture
Grid Connected
Cell, Internet, Phone, Satellite
Year Round Road
Home Features
Additional Features

Property Features

  • 1-1/2 hours from Cuenca airport
  • 2 sources potable water
  • 3 ponds
  • 365 day growing season
  • abundance of water
  • all infrastructure is in place
  • availability of water and vertical drop make it prime for multiple hydro-electric
  • complete irrigation
  • hundreds of bearing fruit trees
  • infrastructure installed
  • low carrying costs
  • multiple home sites ready to build
  • near end of road 4 vehicles per week average
  • new primary and secondary power with private transformer
  • no need for an arsenal to protect yourselves
  • off main road 5 km.
  • plenty of garden and pasture area
  • property taxed on land not improvements
  • river frontage
  • safe area
  • safe semi remote area
  • strong property rights for non citizens
  • taxes under $40 per year 2017
  • temps between 50-80 F no heating or cooling needed
  • virtually no mosquitoes



  • Rhumipamba Rumipamba, Azuay
  • -3.194184, -79.169193