3098 Road 9
Laramie Wy
Situated between Chugwater and Hawk Springs.

1.5 mile off the hwy

Missile Silo site
Good fence and gate
Electricity is available but not currently connected.

It is surrounded by walk-in hunting land. What an excellent place this would be for your hunting cabin.

Own a piece of history. Here is a link to more info about the Peacekeeper Silos and missiles https://fas.org/nuke/guide/usa/icbm/lgm-30_3.htm
NOTE The photo with the uniformed men is not a current picture of this site. It is an unidentified peacekeeper silo site when it was active. Info only.
Note 2 This parcel is for sale locally and you must not pay before assuring that it is still available (although I will pull down this listing right away after sale).
“F.E.Warren Air Force Base was home to the Air Force’s Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. The missile silos were built in 1963. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) required the elimination of the Peacekeeper missile silos.  Therefore, the missile sites were deactivated in October 2002 and placed in caretaker status from 2005 to 2013.

The Launch Facilities originally consisted of an eighty-foot deep missile silo and a small, partially underground support building. The missile silos and other facilities were not destroyed by explosives but were left intact and filled with gravel and soil. The silo opening was capped with a 4-foot thick concrete covering from 2013-2014.  Therefore, there is no underground access provided.

This Launch Facility site is located at 3098 Road 9, Hawk Springs, Wyoming. The property contains approximately 1.60 acres and approximately 0.67 easement acres. The site includes a chain link fence with a double gate. Access to the site is available from a gravel road from a public road. The site is slightly larger than the enclosed fenced area.


NOTE 3 The old photos/drawings are of unidentified missile sites bearing a strong resemblance to the listed site.  I cannot warrant that these photos are of this exact site. Further, the “Minuteman” picture depicts a site before it was upgraded to a peacekeeper site.  These depictions are provided only to give you a sense of what this place has been. A FOIA request has been sent to the USAF for the photos of this exact site, but a response may take months (or more).
Financing available with 50% down and 6% interest.

Property Features
Public Electric - Back up Generator
Year Round Road
Home Features



  • 3098 road 9 Hawk Springs, Wyoming
  • 41.76969626167766, -104.63272029218751