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Preppers Dream Property In The Andes – Price Reduced!

497,000  50 acres  For Sale By Owner 
PRICE REDUCED! Nestled on a mountain top near small town of La Paz, Ecuador, this is a truly beautiful 20 hectare (50 acre) property with valleys and smooth expanses where you can walk for hours and continually discover new landscapes. Create your own community with friends, family or like-minded individuals who are looking to enjoy their lives unrestricted and on their own terms. This Prepper’s Dream Property is totally off-grid with a rain-water collection system, and solar panels and wind turbines that provide more than enough energy for the two completed adobe-style houses. The views of the surrounding valleys and the unlimited expanse of a starry night sky will literally take your breath away. La Paz, in the canton of Nabon, is located approximately 1 hour south of Cuenca on the Pan American highway on the way to Loja, with a population of approximately 800. There are open ... [Read More]