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Must Sell Prepper Family Refuge Your Gain – My Loss!

247,750  9.12 acres  For Sale By Owner 
The owner-builder has spent the past 20 years researching, planning, designing, and building this “Prepper Family Refuge”. Now, that its almost completed, he finds himself with a health issue that requires it to be sold. Hopefully, to someone who has a “Prepper Mindset” and the ability to appreciate and enjoy all the survival benefits and comforts this property offers. In the owner-builder opinion, it’s the best survival property on the west coast in its price range. Built on 9.12 acres of substainable “off-the-grid property” located in eastern Oregon, it meets all the following survival criteria and regulations: Survival Criteria Must be isolated from “unprepared people”. Must be easy to “cut-off unprepared people” from entering the neighborhood. Must not “draw unprepared people” to the neighborhood (like lakes & rivers). Must be located in a very low populated ... [Read More]

Luxury Mountaintop Survival Retreat – Pending Sale

690,000  80 acres  For Sale By Owner 
PENDING SALE! This beautiful rustic and contemporary country home sits on 80 acres with stunning 180 degree views overlooking the eastern Oregon Mountains. It has a separate in-law/care takers apartment, with large 3 door-5 car garage/shop. At the top of the property is a small summer cabin/fire lookout with a spectacular 360 degree view! Far from city life, this amazing property is in a peaceful secluded location in nature with wild animals including deer and wild turkey roaming around. The eastern Oregon climate is great with warm summers and cold, relatively dry winters producing snow covered mountain views in winter and warm sunny summers. Sleep under the clear star filled sky in summer, go hunting or wildlife watching on your own property! Main House: The main house is 3,000 square ft. with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, two huge walk-in pantries. This beautiful home has a large ... [Read More]