We are expanding our network to include service providers in the following industries throughout the United States:

  • Alternative power system distributors and installers
  • Remote and off-grid home builders
  • All services for developing remote land: well drilling, surveying, road construction, pole buildings, etc.
  • Alternative/green home builders
  • Underground construction experts
  • Engineering and architectural services
  • Lenders experienced in remote, farm, or off-grid/”green” property financing
  • Specialized survival or self-sufficiency services e.g. security consultants, permaculture designers, etc.
  • Relocation and rural/remote property management services

We receive daily inquiries for referrals in these fields. Our clientele ranges from those looking for a fully custom turnkey retreat, to those that simply want to move their family to a small homestead. We reach over 50,000 visitors monthly, who are somewhere in their journey to purchasing, building, and outfitting a self-sufficient property or survival retreat.

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