Colorado Mountain Retreat – Perfect For Arizona or New Mexico Resident

65,900  3 acres 

Perfect for Arizona or New Mexico Resident!

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Located high in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado, this undeveloped 3-acre hideout is a perfect retreat destination for someone now living in Arizona or New Mexico.

Author Joel Skousen – a leading expert in geopolitics, emergency preparedness and strategic relocation – stated that the number one threat preppers need to plan for is population density.

There are 4.2 million people living in the greater Phoenix area. If an economic collapse, pandemic, cyber-attack on the grid, or World War 3 happens, the entire Valley of the Sun will be a hot bed for unprecedented violence and civil unrest, and it will spread for a hundred miles in every direction.

As for Albuquerque, there are over 907,000 people living in the Albuquerque metropolitan statistical area. Albuquerque is currently the murder capital of America. Not only that but Albuquerque holds the number one spot in the nation for every category of major crimes; murder, robbery, aggravated assault, rape, burglary, arson and motor vehicle theft. Furthermore, the corrupt Albuquerque Police Department has a longstanding history of brutality and unnecessary deadly force. They are some of the most heinous thugs in American policing.

If you are living anywhere near either of these death traps you’d better have a good exit strategy.

The answer is obvious. Either move out of the heavily populated city to a nice small town such as Durango, Colorado, or establish a bug out destination to flee to. You don’t want to be trapped in a major metropolitan area when society breaks down. Without a remote place to run to the rest of one’s preps may be of little long-term help.

The best plan is to be where everybody else isn’t.

Because this property is 450 miles from Phoenix, a 6-hour bug out drive is required to reach the site (or 220 miles from Albuquerque, which is a 3-hour drive). Survivalist guru James Wesley, Rawles insists that a safe rural haven must be at least 200 miles from the nearest major city, so driving 3 to 6 hours to reach one’s retreat is in line with experts’ recommendations.

Because the desert state of Arizona has almost 7 million residents, and it lacks any real mountain ranges, combined with a serious lack of water and poor hunting opportunities, and with summer temperatures commonly reaching well over 100°, the entire state is a bad choice for a long-term survival retreat. When the power grid goes down, the municipal water supply, which most Arizonians are totally dependent upon, will likewise shut down. New Mexico has over 2 million people, and also lacks water, wildlife, and trees for firewood.

This property is located approximately 20 miles northeast of the small town of Durango, Colorado – far from any major population densities, potential nuclear strike targets, coastlines and national borders – yet close enough to town for groceries and shopping and other amenities like a good hospital and major airport. Even though the property is accessible year-round (with 4WD in the wintertime), the remote mountain location provides for serious seclusion and solitude. The land itself is heavily treed with large pines and aspens. And the surrounding mountains provide for a lifetime supply of firewood, along with much wildlife for hunting and fishing, yet very few two-legged critters.

High and dry describes the property well as it slopes enough for excellent drain off, and there are several nice spots for a cabin or camper trailer. Power and phone are located just a short distance from the property line. There is a nice spot for a septic tank and leach field which is lower than the cabin sites. A strong-flowing year-round spring is nearby and easily accessible that provides for free, clean, and unlimited potable water. Other springs and creeks in the area provide for back-up sources. Or you can have your own private water well drilled.

Wildlife abounds as deer and grouse are often seen on the property and all throughout the area. Elk hunting is also prime here. For fishing, a reservoir stocked with both trout and Kokanee Salmon is just a couple of miles away. Several miles further away is another much larger reservoir which holds the current state record for Northern Pike at 30 pounds, and previously held the state record for German Brown at 24 pounds.

There is a lifetime of outdoor activities nearby including hiking, picnicking, outdoor photography, camping, hunting, fly, stream, shore, boat and ice fishing, along with skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, boating, ATVing, and four-wheeling.

Expensive preparedness supplies can be stored on site safely when the owner is away in a building or shipping container, or in an underground root cellar or fallout shelter. Or they could be stored in a storage unit in the nearby small town of Durango. Having the majority of one’s stuff stored either on-site or nearby allows one to travel light, fast and inconspicuous when the time comes to bug out for real, thus maximizing the chances of a successful drive.

Some people believe you need at least 40-acres for preparedness property so that there is enough room for a large solar panel array, a large greenhouse, a large garden, fruit trees, and corrals and pastures for livestock. But a large spread might very well be one’s downfall by creating an obvious target for freebooters to raid.

One of the main rules of preparedness is called OPSEC (for operational security). OPSEC means keeping your activities secret so that others don’t know what you are up to. Unfortunately, after the coming societal collapse, large greenhouses and the like will broadcast to marauders that you have what they desperately need. It is a recipe for failure.

At 9,300 feet elevation, the winters at this property last a full 5 months. But the winter weather and snowpack will prevent looters from Arizona and New Mexico from ransacking cabins in the area as they will be woefully unprepared for the cold climate and they will stay at much lower elevations which are warmer and more heavily-populated. Further, the out-of-the-way, hard-to-find location automatically accomplishes year-round security without the need for 24/7 armed roving patrols, which realistically is unsustainable over months and years, especially for just a single family.

Storing a large amount of food and being able to supplement that with wild game and fish is a much better, more low profile plan than openly growing food and raising livestock. A small cabin hidden away high in the Rocky Mountains, where wildlife and fish are plentiful, is a different preparedness philosophy, but it is a plan that is more likely to succeed. It isn’t necessary to invest in a large acreage as just a few acres is all that is needed for a small mountain hideout.

One could establish a decent survival retreat quickly and fairly inexpensively with the addition of a small log cabin, a camper trailer, motorhome or perhaps just a yurt for starters.

For more information please visit the owner’s detailed website which explains why Durango and the San Juan mountains is not only a location where one can have a very good life until the coming inevitable collapse of society occurs, but also an excellent area for a survival retreat. And society will collapse. The problems America is facing are unimaginably worse than most people realize. The website includes several sections which explain why America is in such grave danger.

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The handwriting is on the wall. The situation in America is dire. Now is the time to be proactive about the future. The time left to prepare could be very short. Investing in the five G’s of survival – God, guns, gold, groceries, and gravel (land) – especially in remote mountain property – is the only strategy that makes sense.