Gold Mine/Bunker/Blast and Radiation Protection

65,000  3 acres  Lawrence 

I purchased this land in 1988 as a survival property. It has a gold mine blasted straight back 220′ into solid granite. The mine is completely safe and maintains a year round temperature of 55 degrees. It has locks on two steel gates that were designed by the BLM so they cannot be cut off with a bolt cutters. The mine is blast proof and protected from radiation. It is a bunker that would be extremely costly to duplicate today. The mine itself was dug in 1877. It is completely safe and has become a haven for the grandchildren. It has not been commercially mined, but the mine next to us is getting 3 ounces per ton from the same vein as ours. The owners of that mine have inspected our vein and they say our vein is better than theirs. No core drilling has been done to verify this. The BLM has installed a concrete top to seal it off with a steel gate and also another walk-in steel gate at the front. There is easy access to the mine through these gates. This work alone duplicated today would be very costly. It was my idea to put a structure on the top of the mine such as a yurt and close off the front gate with dirt. Should trouble arise, you could enter the mine from a hidden floor entrance and dig out the front entrance by hand if needed to escape.

The gold mine is situated on 3 acres about 20 miles directly west of Denver, Colorado. The Central City area has been called “the richest square mile on earth”. The first picture was taken standing on the building site. What better investment is there than real estate with phenomenal views that contains a gold mine? There are 8 other gold mines on the property that have been filled in with sediment and gold pilings which surely contain gold.

When I first moved to Denver in 1984, I looked for 3 years for a property such as this. They simply do not exist. This is a rare and unique property that is being offered for sale. This parcel is located 2 miles west of Central City which was responsible for the gold rush to Denver. The land itself is accessible yet remote. It is directly west of Denver on 1-70 and north of Idaho Springs. It is all freeway to the property and then about 5 miles on a well maintained county gravel road. This property backs up to BLM land and there are hundreds of mines to explore within walking distance to the famous ghost town of Nevadaville and one of the richest mines ever, The Glory Hole. It is also within walking distance to the ghost town of Russell Gulch.

There is a fantastic view with the most photographed mountain range in Colorado to the west and the Denver lights to the east. There are beautiful pine and aspen along with wild flowers all over the parcel. There is a nice secluded road to a small log trapper’s shelter with a wood stove that we have used for camping and picnicing. It has a dirt floor. Consider this structure to be an elaborate tent, but it is a great building spot. There are at least 3 building sites on the property. There has been a 50 foot well dug by the BLM down to a spring on one of the building sites, but other like minded people in the area have water brought in with storage tanks on their pickups. Do not consider this to be a well capable of supporting a cabin. There are also several other springs nearby. There is no electricity to the property, but poles are very close. Solar would be a great option.

The possibilities of this property are many. It is simply one of the neatest pieces of land you will ever see. This is also a recreational area with 4 wheeler roads galore. The mine and mineral rights alone, although unknown, is worth the price. The land and view alone is worth the price. Combined it is a piece of property that is unique that can only increase in value. Invest is something intrinsic that can become an heirloom for the family.

We have no way of confirming the value of the mineral rights. We do not want to damage the mine by doing a core sample. If the mine does produce 3 ounces per ton, it is obviously worth far more than we are asking. If I was able to confirm the ore’s content, the price would be out of sight. We are asking what the land and views are worth alone.

Consider this property only as a bunker for blast and radiation protection, a weekend getaway, recreational or mining claim. The land is at about a 35 degree slope with some flat areas, but putting in a survival community would not be an option unless tents, yurts or mini cabins are used. This property will not support a large residence.