Idaho Palouse Region Family Retreat

1This property consists of 5 acres, located in the Leitch Creek area in Idaho County, Idaho. Specifically it is approximately 8 miles outside of Kooskia, in the foothills of the Bitter Root mountains. This area is specifically, or generally, mentioned in guides written by Joel Skousen, Michael T. Snyder and James Wesley Rawles. They suggest this area to be in the top tier of locales in America.

The property sits atop a hillside, abutting a 300 acre horse ranch, at the dead end of a gated and gravel maintained road. The gravel road runs approximately 3/8 mile to a paved and maintained asphalt road. The asphalt road is a school bus route hence maintained during the winter. The minimum sized property in the area is 3 acres. People in this area are like minded and supportive of each other regarding their existence here.

3There are four buildings on the property, a 2800 sq. ft. house with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a two car garage. The house has a metal roof and hardboard siding. The second building is a metal shop that is 1800 sq. ft., has a 16 ft. high bay for work and RV parking. Within the shop is a 560 sq. ft. one bedroom apt. with full bathroom and an attached full service laundry room. Atop the apt. is a flat roof (225 sq. ft.) ideal for expanding housing. A sewer drain is installed as well as two walls. The remainder of the roof atop the apt. (335 sq. ft.) is relegated to storage and is constructed of 2″ x 12″ boards. If not expanded upon the entire apt. roof is good for storage and has headroom of 8′. Attached to the shop is a 675 sq. ft. metal overhang w/ concrete floor The third building is a 60 sq. ft. bldg. constructed for storing flammable and HAZMAT materials. It has a 12″ containment wall made of monolithic poured concrete. The fourth bldg. is metal (396 sq. ft.) and contains a 2500 gallon water storage tank, as well water pressure pump facilities. Much space is available in this bldg. for cold storage as it stays cool year round. All bldgs. have poured concrete floors. There are two 1000 gallon propane tanks that contain enough fuel for three years use for two persons. The apt. has a wood burning stove as well as electric heat and propane available. There is a LOPI wood burning stove in storage fitted for the house should need be to quickly install. The shop has an electrical circuit wired into the property electrical grid for back feeding generator produced power throughout. I have used this and the capacity runs the well and all other equipment on the property.

6Three acres of the land are available for grazing and development, as the entire property is fenced. Three acres w/ bldgs. and agriculture are protected by a 6 ft. deer fence. There exists a private well that is 350 ft. deep and has a flow in the range of 25 gpm. The well has always provided plentiful clean and pure water. The property is wild fire immune as it has been strategically developed to be that way. The house is surrounded by a lawn, there is a 3800 sq. ft. garden w/ 17 raised bed planters and a 5740 sq. ft. orchard w/ 32 mature fruit trees. One half of the orchard is still open for further tree planting. There is a water seep on the property that has not been developed, but could provide year round emergency water. The entire agriculture utilized portions of the property have automatic sprinklers and frost free hydrants.

5All bldgs. have been built after the year 2000.

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As founders of American Redoubt Realty and Survival Retreat Consulting, our family lived the rat race in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade until one day in 2003, I had the pleasure of meeting James Wesley, Rawles. The advice he so authentically gave our family that day changed our lives forever.

For the next three years we struggled to break free of the urban crime-scape. We visited our chosen safe haven region in the American Redoubt over thirty times seeking the ultimate sustainable survival property that balanced the needs of our growing family, without being too far from a small rural town in Idaho, Montana or Washington.

Our journey was nothing short of stressful and frustrating. We thought with my prior military experience and the knowledge our family had learned covering all aspects of sustainable living, that the journey would be a simple one.

Our safe haven dreams were shattered when we realized that we couldn’t find a professional, discrete, consultant to guide us through the search. There was nobody willing to pre-visit, screen and evaluate the properties we saw online based upon our criteria, thus saving valuable time and money making all those trips back and forth.

The real estate agents we contacted never took the time to get to know our family or understand our dreams, they just wanted us to drive ourselves around and then call if we wanted to write an offer. Unfortunately, this can be a typical scenario in some areas of rural America.

We felt like outcasts when all we wanted to do was find that perfect safe haven that would be comfortable for our family to live year round and bring us what we were lacking in the big city; Peace of Mind.

After the chaos of our own relocation we decided to build a custom full service business model that would allow anyone, regardless of resources, to make one call and receive the service we only dreamed of having.

Now we are excited and honored to offer the following in-house and affiliate services, with one call you'll have access to the following services;

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