Hidden gem: Rural retreat in Liberty, Kentucky

169,900  11.7 acres  Brenda Stewart  United Real Estate


If it weren’t for the sale sign, you’d probably drive right past the lane leading to this contemporary passive solar home hidden away in Casey County, Kentucky. Built in 1997 under the direction of the late Rodney Wright, an expert in passive solar architecture, the energy-efficient open-plan home minimizes the need for heating and cooling. A geo-thermal HVAC acts as energy backup and a wood-burning stove also is an off-the-grid energy source. (Store wood for it under the carport adjoining the house.)

Bedrooms with bathrooms are on either side of the first floor living, dining and food preparation areas. A second, loft-like floor contains areas on each side that can be used as you see fit. A space between the two can be a reading area.

The house has built-in furniture, including sofas, end tables and many, many shelves to suit prepper storage needs. The stainless steel industrial-style sink and work table are suited for breaking down deer, which frequent the hilly, wooded part of the 11.7-acre property.

Besides the wooded area, the property has a flat meadow area suitable for farming. (The area also includes a couple of paw-paw trees. Consider making paw-paw ice cream.) Behind it is a pond that could be stocked. A walking trail goes from the house and around the pond.
A spring and creek are located on the property, which also contains two small outbuildings.

Casey County is known for its abundance of farms and also for its self-reliant Mennonite/Amish community. Located in the area are a bulk goods store, produce auction house, horseshoe and leather shops, a sorghum mill, and other businesses to meet off-the-grid needs. The county is in south central Kentucky, which survival expert Joel Skousen recommends as a place that East Coast preppers should consider as a place of retreat and safety.