Ozark Mansion Fortress – Complete Luxury Retreat

4,365,000  185 acres  Property Owner 

Located in the sparsely populated rolling hills of the southern Missouri Ozarks, this fortified mansion estate is now being offered for the first time since its completion in 2007. Near the center of the 185-acre estate is a six-acre fenced compound containing the 13,000-square foot mansion, a separate guest house, fully modern workshop, and an upstairs garage apartment. Visit ozarkmansionfortress.com for details. Be sure to read the full retreat evaluation by Joel Skousen (author of Survival Relocation and The Secure Home and survival retreat consultant).

Practical, Yet Elegant Design

Within the total living and working space (some 17,000 square feet all together) there are 8 bedrooms, 10 full baths (plus 4 partial), 7 fireplaces, 2 home theaters, 4 complete kitchens, billiards room, large bar, 2 laundry hookups, and a large well designed workshop.


Survival experts say the Ozarks are an ideal location to live if this country ever experiences a cataclysmic disaster. Whether that disaster is natural (earthquake, tsunami, asteroid) or man-made (financial collapse, panic, terrorism, depression or pandemic) the southern Missouri Ozarks, with its low population density, natural resources, and isolation may be the best place in the country to live.

This property, now being offered for the first time since its completion in 2007, is a perfect match for a well-to-do family looking for that safe haven away from the hordes that would otherwise descend on them in an apocalyptic situation.

Some financial experts believe our country could experience another financial meltdown, worse than the bubble that burst in 2007. The speculative nature of Wall Street and the specter of sub-prime lending could trigger defaults and a full-blown crash bringing chaos and rebellion in densely populated areas of the USA. Whether that results in deflation or hyperinflation, living in the cities will be an ordeal. Rather than struggle with the famine, tribulation, and savage events that will descend on the unprepared, the Ozarks offer a rural retreat, a refuge of defense and shelter against that doomsday firestorm.

This lavish property is more than your run-of-the-mill mansion. Nestled in a wilderness just outside a small city and fortified with walls of solid concrete, this property has three deep water wells, steel-reinforced underground areas, plenty of room for your arsenal (and a small army), electronic gated entries, and a fantastic 3,200 square-foot workshop–in addition to the 13,000 square foot main house.

Designed to live off the grid in emergencies, this is the prepper’s vision of ultimate preparedness. Isolation, 185 acres of privacy, flowing river year round on the property, orchard, and a large garden, await its future owner. Request full details at ozarkmansionfortress.com.

Strong, Resilient, and Efficient

While many visitors are captivated by the elegant tasteful design and beauty of the structure, there is a stealth-like underlying design that is often overlooked by many. The exterior walls of the house are solid, poured conctete, extensively reinforced with steel rebar. To contain the concrete, energy-efficient ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) were used. The heat & AC system uses ground source pumps designed by Water Furnace. The fireplaces have airtight glass doors to prevent heat escape, and sprayed-in foam was used throughout for insulation.The estate sits discretely off the beaten path and is gated with coded entry gates. Still, it is not so far out of the way as to make access to shopping difficult. Deer, turkey, and other wildlife roam the acreage and call it home. Access to high-speed internet is available and distributed throughout the housing.


Located in the pristine hills of the southern Missouri Ozarks, this elegant fortress was conceived by a retired telecommunications businessman as a retirement estate for his family: secluded, secure, and comfortable and designed to withstand the elements, the times, and the changing times.

For future use, the three-car garage contains its own concrete basement with 1,000 square feet of space, potentially for hydronic gardening, food storage, or whatever.
A private winding 3/4-mile driveway from the residence leads to the nearest paved public highway. Another electronic gate located there restricts access to the property. Cameras, of course, are situated at both gates.


In addition to the living quarters, the compound contains a modern architect-designed 3,200 square-foot workshop. This workshop, (photo at right) nicer than many homes, has tall ceilings, foam insulation, a full bath with laundry hookups, and central heat and AC. Behind the workshop is a 1,024 square foot shed for equipment storage, work projects, etc. Additionally, there is a 320 square foot well-insulated building behind the workshop, originally used as a dry-kiln for lumber. (All the millwork within the house was made on-site by local skilled craftsmen. The workshop and dry-kiln were used to manufacture all the cabinetry, moldings, and millwork in the main house–more details on that further within this website.)

Three deep (300′) water wells provide water to the residence. Each is equipped with a commercial-grade pump and oversized storage tank. They also provide water for the ground-source heating and air conditioning heat pumps that heat and cool the residence and workshop (see photo at left). A propane-powered 35,000 watt generator provides backup power within the compound.

Low taxes, NO zoning, thin population (twelve thousand residents within the entire county), and lots of elbow room make this an ideal place to survive Armageddon, ride out any social meltdown, and maintain your empire.

Basic Specifications

The main floor features a master suite, three fireplaces, formal dining room, front porch, spacious gourmet kitchen, family room, great room, and the owner’s office/study.

The finished walkout basement has a spacious walnut bar with seating for eight, complete kitchen, large sitting room with a huge fireplace, billiards room, exercise room, mechanical room, guest suite complete with fireplace and bath, and the primary home theater.

The bedroom floor has four large bedrooms, each with its own bath and walk-in closet. Additionally, this floor contains the “grandkids home theater,” a large playroom filled with toys, cushions, lots of seating, good soundproofing, and a soda-fountain room next door.

The guest house has a total of 1,298 square feet of living space, with the main floor occupying 799 square feet. The second level occupies the remaining 499 square feet. It also features a complete kitchen, two full baths, and indoor as well as outdoor fireplaces.

The garage apartment is 1,199 square feet and features a complete kitchen as well as a full bath.


The exact location will be happily shared with interested parties. We want to protect any future occupant and to disclose the location publically is not prudent.


If you’re interested and have the ability to write a good $4.365 million-dollar check, fill out the box on this page and we’ll give you complete access to the rest of the website. Why don’t we do that anyway? For our protection–and yours as a potential owner, we don’t want advertise to the whole country what we have here. If, after looking at the rest of the website, you’d like to come down and look everything over, we’ll welcome you. You can land your private jet at the nearby West Plains, MO, airport, or fly commercially into Springfield or Branson, MO.

Additional Notes from Property Owner (2/24/2017)

I have purchased an additional 52.5 acres adjoining my property. That makes the total acreage slightly over 235 acres. If the buyer wanted the total acreage, the price would be $4,500,000.

In Joel Skousen’s report and analysis of the property, there are a couple of minor corrections that need to be made.

First, the sawmill that he mentions was sold and is no longer available.

Second, Joel implies that the house is fully furnished; our intent was to leave all major kitchen appliances (there are four kitchens), laundry equipment, window coverings, one massive pool table, and all the electronics in the main home theater. (There is a second, lesser equipped theater room on the upstairs bedroom floor I refer to as the “grandkids theater.”)

Lastly, while I appreciate and respect Joel Skousen’s knowledge and experience in his field (and totally appreciate his glowing assessment of my property), I think his estimate of $250,000 to bring the security level up to his desired level is too high. He may be using Washington, D.C. or east coast labor costs to arrive at that figure, but I believe it can be done for a fraction of that. I have over 50 nice Ultrak color cameras along with a complete commercial cable TV head end system (16 channels) ready to install and turn on–just haven’t gotten around to it. That would give 16 color channels of on-site security cameras 24/7 to any and every TV in the house.

Want to know more? Request full access and get the full tour! GET FULL ACCESS at ozarkmansionfortress.com.