Beautiful unique 5000+ sqft underground survival home

339,500  5.7 acres  Damiaan Kletter 

This unique underground survival home is situated in beautiful Paradise Valley and surrounded by magnificent tall mountains with great views in a very quiet, peaceful, and safe neighborhood.

On the front (south side) between two hills and sealed by a beautiful arched gate, the home and its front yard with pond and direct access to our cute greenhouse/bakery on the left is very cozy and extremely private.

Built into a hill with double steel reinforced 10 inch concrete walls throughout the entire structure, this is an extremely strong and secure (bullet-proof) home with concrete window shutters and extra concrete front door, that will easily withstand any extreme weather conditions (tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme sized hail, forest fires, earthquakes, extreme amounts of snow, etc).

This home has lots of space (overall square footage is over 5000 sq ft). The kitchen with large south-facing window and view on the mountains together with the living room area is over 800 square feet and has a great arched sealing throughout that is over 11 ft tall in the center.

Because of geothermal cooling, this home is always nice and cool in the summer and needs no air conditioning. For the same reason it will never freeze in the winter and needs relatively little fire wood in the wood stove (included) to keep it comfortably warm in the winter.

In addition to the kitchen/living room area, the master bedroom and bathrooms, there is a large amount of space divided over several rooms on the main level (including a library and a very large walk-in pantry) and a very large basement with a concrete floor.

This home also features a magnificent large room (24×36 ft) upstairs with recessed lighting and arched walls and ceiling that can be used for many different purposes, including exercising, dancing, yoga, meditation, movie theater (large screen TV included), family room, etc, etc, for up to 40 people.

The property includes several other outbuildings, including a large partially underground chicken house with concrete roof, a large thick steel wire reinforced chicken coop, a steel storage container, the basics in place for an aquaponics setup (large grow bed and several tanks), foundational structures for building a large greenhouse, and additional south-facing garden areas.