Best of Both Worlds in Montana

249,000  10 acres  Roger Dwyer 


Move in today! This new custom-built home is in final stages of construction. Enjoy very comfortable living and finish the work remaining on the 1st floor when you are ready. Price will be going up when completed.

Survival-minded people know the challenge of ‘living in both worlds’. This property is uniquely located to meet that challenge. It is remote, at the end of a 2-mile private road and 120 miles from the interstate. Live in the beautiful mountains of Northwest Montana, yet just 30 minutes from Kalispell and 1 hour from breath-taking Glacier National Park, Crown of the Continent! Kalispell is often described as the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offering so much; a regional medical center, county events every weekend, a choice of many restaurants, a mall serving all of Northwest Montana and southern Canada. For fishing and boating you’ll love Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Much more about Kalispell can be found at the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce
Maybe everything in America will be just fine, but if they are not the features of this home will become crucial.

WATER: the drilled well’s static water level is at or above ground. Water flowed out the top of the steel casing until it was capped. Even better, this static water level is 10-15 ft. above the water pipe entering the home. Also, there are two springs that run most of the year which could be utilized for the garden or cattle.

FUEL: An infinite supply of wood fuel is on the property. The home is designed to ‘hunker down’ in the fully-insulated 1st floor living area with bath. Simply close two self-draining water valves (to 2nd floor) and heat just 900 sq. ft.

REMOTE: Property is near the end of a 2 mile private dead-end road, 20 miles from Kalispell, and 120 miles from the interstate.

GOOD NEIGHBORS: Folks love liberty and love God. Christ is still Lord of our valley. Neighbors respect your privacy but if you need help they are right there for you. If they see something that looks possibly harmful to a neighbor they do not call the government. They will make sure you are alright.

FOOD: Self-sufficiency is valued here. Most families grow and raise their own food. Water on this property is priceless for both endeavors. The abundance of deer, elk and other wildlife would sustain this remote area for quite some time but we do not depend on those sources.

SECURITY: The private road is well-suited for controlling access. This is arguably the ‘Heart of the Liberty Movement’. Folks love liberty and are well-prepared to defend it. We look out for each other.

COMMS: A 30 ft. ham radio antenna is installed. We are part of a strong AmRRON emergency ham radio network of neighbors and local God-fearing patriots firmly established. Approximately 25 members connect every Thursday PM with check-ins and sharing important local information. During the year we host training classes and pot luck dinners. We have already cast off dependence on conventional telephone systems and of course all cell phone systems. See for more information.


Back to today’s world: Imagine living where the only sounds are the wind through the firs, the abundance of birds and wildlife. Peace is precious and today a rare experience. Most folks have never seen all the stars at night. Here they light up the nights. They are truly amazing. It is no wonder that Montana is affectionately known as, ‘The Last Best Place’.

Second floor is 100% complete. It has a full bath. The office is ready with telephone and Wi-Fi internet installed. The two awesome 18 ft. x 19 ft. bedrooms can be used today for living area and bedroom while the 1st floor is completed. Garage/work area is 100% complete. Water, septic system, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping are 100% complete.

Electrical service provide by Flathead Electric Co-Op. Landline telephone service and DSL Internet provided by CenturyLink. Home is located on a beautiful private road which is well-maintained (including snow plowing) by the Road Association (voluntary).

Please see pdf file for property details.

If interested in seeing our home and touring its beautiful wooded 10 acres just give us a call.

Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park