Glasgow Air Force Base – Commercial & Residential Property

500,000  150 acres  Property Owner 


The property includes several commercial buildings, residential units and vacant land that is part of the community being developed from what was the Glasgow Air Force Base. All property is offered on an “as is” basis.

1. Base Hospital – asking $250,000.00 – 43,000 sq. ft building which was the complete base 50 bed hospital. Building is in need of substantial repairs, however the basic structure – brick walls and interior structural walls are still in place. Interior needs to be stripped and refinished and roof needs resurfacing. Plans for the building include developing it as the NorthStar Senior Center, with assisted living facility in conjunction with the adjacent NorthStar Senior Village residential area.

2. North Star School – asking $150,000.00 – 49,120 sq. ft. building, comprised of three separate wings of classrooms and a center section with large gym on a full basement. Two of the wings are in poor to very poor condition with the third wing and gym section in need of significant cleanup and rehab. Plans for the property include utilizing it as the center for the St. Marie Co-op, a developing non-profit group of existing residents intent on creating a self sufficient community. With adjoining property and in cooperation with local 4H members, the property can be used for educational purposes and practical training on basic skills such as food preparation and storage, sewing, arts & crafts, raising livestock and gardening.

P10500513. Storage Bunker Property – asking $150,000.00 – 20 acres with 120 individual 8.5X17.5 storage units with steel overhead doors, a 50×80 separate building and a 20X30 guard building. The property is totally surrounded by a chain link security fence and is in a very secure location, providing for limited and controlled access.

4. Residential units – starting at $15,000.00 – Seller has available over 100 individual units located in fourplex, duplex and single family buildings. Over 50 of the units are included in the NorthStar Senior Village, a 55+ community which is a part of the overall St. Marie community. The units all need some rehab with several nearly ready for occupancy. See Zillow for a sampling of available units.

P1050026ALL PROPERTY IS OFFERED IN ITS “AS IS” CONDITION. Interested parties should schedule an inspection trip as soon as possible and complete their own “due diligence” evaluation.

Property is served by Northwestern Energy for electricity, Montana-Dakota Utilities for natural gas and a community water & sewer system – North Valley County Water & Sewer District.

There is good potential for wind and solar power development.

This property offers a unique opportunity to own a significant part of a developing community in a secure and safe part of Northeastern Montana. The owners are open to any and all reasonable proposals for terms of sale and/or joint venture arrangements with qualified parties.