157 Acres, 2900SF Custom Home: Privacy, Ponds, and Barn

699,000  157 acres  Chris 


2900 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 story house with 1400 square feet in the unfinished walkout basement.

All Custom. Gorgeous Woodwork.
Energy Efficient Passive Solar Design. Healthy & Green construction.

  • Horse Barn and Pasture – 4 Box stalls, 12 fenced acres
  • Garage and workshop – 3 Big bays, 2nd floor workshop
  • Swimming/Fishing Pond – 1/2 acre.
  • Fields, Woods, Trails
  • Panoramic Views,
  • Vegetable and flower gardens
  • Abundant Wildlife.

Ultimate privacy

Own all the land at the end of your own private dead end road. Nearest public (town) road is over 1000 feet from the house. Nearest neighboring house is over 1200 feet from the house. 157 acres at the end of private dead end road! This kind of privacy is VERY HARD TO FIND!

On Grid

Will consider selling with less acreage.

Just one stop light and eight miles to Ithaca College. Just one mile farther to downtown Ithaca. Convenient to Owego, Elmira, Binghamton and Sayre.

Copies of surveys, deed and radon report available upon request.
Prints of architect plans convey with the property.


According to Survival Expert Bruce Beach, the top three rules for disaster survival are:

1. Get out of cities
2. Get out of cities
3. Get out of cities!

These rules apply equally to issues of civil defense and to issues of public health.

This is a rural location, but it is very convenient to Ithaca, which, because of the colleges, has the amenities of a much larger city.

Syracuse, the nearest city with a population over 50,000, is 68 miles away. The nearest nuclear power plant is 95 miles away. It is a world away, but Manhattan is only a 4 hour drive away.

Nearest public road is over 1100 feet from the house. Nearest neighboring house is over 1200 feet from the house. House is about 1100 feet from the south border, 1000 feet from the north border, 1200 feet from the east border and 2000 feet from the west border. This rural property is in a safe location, and this house is located within this property for privacy and for safety.

Flood Immunity

Hilltop location at over 1500 feet above sea level
Hundreds of feet higher than the nearest year round stream
Basement has always stayed dry

Energy Self Sufficiency

Firewood in abundance is available from over 50 acres of mature forest on the property.
Hydronic radiant floors could be efficiently heated with an outdoor woodburner which could easily be added north of the house.
Excellent open hilltop location for wind turbine(s).
Excellent south facing locations with plenty of space for solar energy. Up to 60 acres would be suitable for solar electric farm.

Food Self Sufficiency

Existing vegetable gardens, perennial rhubarb, blueberries
Wild apple trees, wild black raspberries
Open fields for growing crops
Fenced pasture and barn for raising livestock
Abundant wild deer, turkey and rabbit
Catfish, bass and bluegills in the half acre pond
Excellent sites exist for additional ponds for more extensive fish production


The huge three bay garage has lots of space to keep all your vehicles under cover (including a motorhome up to 36 feet long).
Plenty of workshop space adjacent to and above the three garage bays.
50 amp 220v electric service (shared with the attached barn).
Water available at frost-proof hydrant in the attached barn.
50 amp 220v electric service (shared with the attached barn).
Water available at frost-proof hydrant in the attached barn.


Gated driveway is only vehicular access route to the buildings
Monitored cellular callout wireless fire and intrusionsecurity system. Includes ability to remotely arm and disarm, lock and unlock. Add components to remotely turn lights on and off, adjust thermostats, etc.. Wireless digital recording security cameras.
Steel bars inside basement windows

Fire safety

Cellular callout monitored smoke alarms.
No combustion in the house (all electric)
Steel roofs on all buildings
Mowed grass around all buildings
Pond within 300’ of all buildings
Hydronic heated ceramic tile floor on poured concrete on corrugated steel pan on main level over the basement.


Panoramic Views. Underground Electric, so no poles or wires intrude into the views.
Passive solar design and open floor plan. Full Bay windows. Abundant natural daylight.
Custom woodwork and floors:
Black Walnut Trim.
Black Cherry, Spalted Maple, Red Oak, and Ceramic Tile Floors. Hardwood floors are quarter sawn so they don’t move or squeak.
Cherry, Curly and Birds Eye Maple Flying Staircase, Balusters and Banisters.
Custom Kitchen:
Cherry, Curly Maple and Stained Glass, hand carved and dovetailed Kitchen Cabinets.
Stella Verde Marble Countertops.
Cast Iron, Double Basin, Double Drain-Board Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Sink.
Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat
Central Vacuum
Water Softener
Monitored Fire and Security System
Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Electric Range & Dishwasher included.
Room Details:
First Floor
23’x37’ open concept great room includes:
23’x14’ living room
14’x11’ dining room
14’x13’ kitchen
10’x8’ breakfast area
8’x6’ pantry
12’x10’ entry room (mud room)/laundry room
14’x13’ first floor bedroom
8’x7’ first floor bathroom
Second Floor
21’x13’ master bedroom
13’x6’ walk-in closet
13’x9’ bathroom (room for another bath in large open upstairs hall)
13’x13’ bedroom
23’x13’ open concept office space (room to divide into a bedroom & a den)
Standing Seam Metal Roof
200 amp electric service. Underground electric from the road.


Full unfinished basement has drains in place under basement slab to permit finishing half of the basement to create a 700 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom apartment with kitchen, living room and its own radiant floor heat zone and its own private entrance.
Six full size windows bring lots of light into the basement from the south and west sides.

Exterior of the poured foundation is waterproofed and insulated.
Footer drain to daylight and gravel backfill to the surface, ensure a completely dry basement.


Barn (with attached 3 bay garage)
Four 12’x10’ box stalls.
Frost-proof water hydrant.
50 amp/220 volt electric service (shared with the attached garage).
12’ wide, 12’ high drive through makes it easy to bring in hay.
Concrete floor.
A 40’x10’ attached run in shelter lets horses get out of the weather and away from flies
without bringing the horses into the stalls.

12 acre pasture, fenced with high tensile electric.

2 waterholes (small ponds) within the fenced pasture (not including the ½ acre swimming/fishing pond)

15 acres of hay fields.

Miles of trails for riding on the property.


Three oversize bays.
Two bays with 8’x10’ overhead doors with Chamberlain whisper-drive openers.
One bay with 12’x12’ overhead door is big enough for a 35’ motorhome.
Concrete floor.

A large workshop or studio space is above the garage.

A 12’x12’ sunroom, suitable for chicken coop or greenhouse, is attached to the garage.

50 amp 220v electric service (shared with the attached barn).

Water available at frost-proof hydrant in the attached barn.


Driveway is 10’ wide, crowned, deep gravel over landscaping fabric (for durability and long life).
Gently south facing slope of driveway maximizes solar snow melting.
Deep wide swales and raised driveway surface move rainwater off of the driveway quickly and encourage wind to blow the driveway clear of snow.

Concrete sidewalks run from driveway to front door, back door, and basement walkout door.
6’x 6’ concrete landing at back door is at grade with back sidewalk.
Home is handicap accessible to basement and first floor.
6’x 6’ bluestone landing at front door with bluestone and yellow brick steps.


156.98 surveyed acres.
Approximately 3200 feet along road by 2100 feet deep
About 12 acres fenced pasture.
About 15 acres hay fields.
The land is mostly gently south facing.

There are miles of trails for walking, riding, skiing or snowshoeing.

Three garden plots, cleared of rocks and enriched with horse and chicken manure, grow vegetables and/or flowers.

A minimal harvest of mature hardwoods from the forest (such that another harvest could be made in 10 years) would net at least $20,000 (but we’ll leave the decision to harvest or not for you to make). At least 50 acres of mature forest is primarily composed of sugar maple, red oak, beech, white ash, black cherry, red maple, hemlock, white pine. There is also some hickory, basswood and cottonwood.

Wildlife and bird life take advantage of the diverse habitat ranging from open fields to mature forest.
Great Blue Heron, Canada Geese, Mallards, Wood Ducks, Osprey and Grebe have been seen at the pond.
Other birds seen include:
Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk), Red Tailed Hawk, Rough Legged Hawk, Barred Owl, Osprey, Coopers Hawk, Sharp Shinned Hawk, Sparrow Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle.
Turkey, Woodcock, Bobolink, Meadowlark, Bluebird, Hermit Thrush, Wood Thrush, Ovenbird, Veery, Towhee, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager, Oriole, Goldfinch, Indigo Bunting, Snow Bunting, Junco, Chickadee, Nuthatch, Brown Creeper, Brown Thrasher, Catbird, Mockingbird, Whippoorwill, Yellowthroat, Yellow Warbler, Black Throated Green Warbler, Pileated Woodpecker, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, Flicker, Sapsucker, and many more…
Deer are abundant and large.


There is a half acre swimming pond with a pea gravel beach.
The pond is the geothermal source for the heating system and hot water.
Bass, bluegill & catfish are delicious and healthy eating.
Five large beautiful Koi prevent algae overgrowth
Eight grass carp prevent excessive cattail and pond weed growth.
Colorado and Darwin Water Lilies beautify the pond near the beach.

There are two other small ponds (waterholes) in the fenced pasture.

Good sites exist for placement of additional ponds for aquaculture, wildlife or recreation.


Domestic Hot Water is heated by a Geothermal ground source heat pump.
Efficient electric heated hydronic radiant floors could be heated with geothermal heat pump. Geothermal ground source loops and circulator pumps are already in place. Just add the heat pump. Or add an outdoor wood-burning boiler to heat the radiant floors.
Passive solar design and open floor plan maximizes the use of the sun for heat & light.
Forest shelters the house on the north. Open land to south, east and west provide
panoramic views of sunrise, sunset and take maximum advantage of dawn to dusk
Heat Recovery Ventilation System provides fresh air while minimizing heat loss.
Super Insulated:
Formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation fills 6” walls
1” foam “blue-board” on outside of sheathing
Foil backed sheetrock provides vapor barrier and radiant insulation
12” Formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation in attic
2” Formaldehyde free foam on inside of roof and attic gable ends
Foil backed sheetrock provides vapor barrier and radiant insulation
2” foam “blue-board” on outside of poured concrete foundation underneath the stucco finish.
2” foam “blue-board” under the poured concrete basement floor
Windows feature double pane glass and triple track storm windows.
Insulated aluminum window frame design incorporates a “thermal break”
All electrical boxes are sealed with silicone sealant
No entrance into attic from inside the heated living space
Heat Recovery Ventilation system provides necessary fresh air


Forest Products
Timber and Firewood. Timber is discussed under “The Land and Wildlife”. At least 50 acres of mature forest can provide many cords of hardwood firewood every year. Cutting low grade hardwood trees for firewood would encourage the growth of high value timber trees and increase the value of timber which could be sustainably harvested from the property.

Solar and Wind
The large acreage of south facing open land has great potential for solar energy. The 60 non-forested acres could lease to a solar farm developer for as much as $150,000 per year.
The hilltop open land has great potential for wind energy.

Natural Gas
The Marcellus Shale formation, which is rich in natural gas, lies under this property. There is no gas lease on the property. All mineral rights convey. Several years ago, gas leases were selling for up to $2500 per acre. Royalty payments for any gas production are in addition to lease payments.


Locally Sourced:
Spalted Maple, Black Cherry & Red Oak Floors:
Trees locally harvested from sustainably managed woodlots during time of year when birds were not nesting!
Locally quarter sawn with portable band saw mill (less wood wasted as sawdust)
Locally kiln dried and milled into tongue and groove flooring
Black Walnut Trim
Trees locally harvested from sustainably managed woodlots during time of year when birds were not nesting!
Locally quarter sawn with portable band saw mill (less wood wasted as sawdust)
Air dried and locally milled into trim
Kitchen Cupboards, Stairway and Cherry Columns
Locally crafted, mostly locally sourced hardwood, no tropical wood!
The decks are black locust, locally harvested from sustainably managed woodlot during time of year when birds were not nesting.
Black locust is naturally decay resistant. No toxic pressure treatment chemicals are needed.

Lighting Fixtures throughout are re-wired Antique or Vintage
Kitchen cupboard clear glass is re-purposed Antique glass
Doors: Three of the interior doors are beautiful rescued antique doors
Sinks: The kitchen sink, the mudroom sink and the upstairs bathroom sink are all antique porcelain on iron.

Long Lasting/Recyclable:
Standing seam steel roof has life expectancy exceeding 50+ years.
Unlike asphalt/fiberglass shingles, steel is recyclable at the eventual end of the roof life.


No chemical pesticides or herbicides have been used on the property since before 1995. Probably long before that. The property can easily be certified organic for raising certified organic crops or livestock.
The property is located in an agricultural district, so rights to farm are protected and agricultural assessment is available.

Fields have not been mowed before mid July since before 1996. This permits deer and ground nesting birds to reproduce successfully. Ground nesting birds which nest on the property include turkeys, woodcock, bobolinks, meadowlarks, and Northern Harriers. Not mowing after mid August permit successful reproduction of Monarch Butterflies.

Timber has not been harvested since before 1995. Should we have chosen to harvest any timber; harvesting would have been conducted in winter to permit successful reproduction of forest nesting birds, and when the ground is frozen to minimize damage to forest soils. Many old cavity trees provide nest and den sites for birds and animals.


No combustion sources in the house.
Electric heated hydronic radiant floors, including basement floor (ready to add geothermal heat pump or outdoor woodburner to heat hydronic radiant floors)
Geothermally heated domestic hot water. (Electric back-up)
Electric stove
Electric clothes dryer

No engineered wood products used, no oriented strand board, no wafer board, no chipboard, no particle board. The only plywood is the exterior sheathing. The tile floors are laid on concrete poured in a corrugated steel pan. The sub-floor for the hardwood floors is tongue and groove spruce laid on the diagonal for strength. Kitchen cabinets are 100% solid North American hardwood (black cherry, tiger maple, birdseye maple, hickory, & yellow poplar).

No vinyl or laminated flooring. No wall-to-wall carpeting.
Local hardwoods and hand-cast ceramic tile flooring.

No vinyl windows (that outgas toxic fumes) – all window frames are insulated aluminum with thermal break.

No plastic bathtubs or surrounds – Tub is cast iron. Shower base is concrete. Surrounds are ceramic tile.

Formaldehyde Free Insulation

Sub-slab radon removal system. Radon levels in basement (where levels are generally highest) measured at just 1.2 pCi/L. (Well below max acceptable level.)

Foil backed sheetrock used throughout for air quality and electromagnetic field shielding.

Two bedrooms are equipped with cutoff switches that shut off all electric power in the bedrooms to eliminate electromagnetic fields from energized wiring while sleeping.

Water system:
Water softener removes excess hardness and other minerals from house water.
Carbon filter removes other impurities from whole house water supply.
Reverse osmosis drinking water system in the kitchen yields extremely pure water suitable for use in humidifiers.

Air Systems:
Heat Recovery Ventilation System brings fresh air in while recovering the heat from the air leaving the house.
Air Filtering System – whole house HEPA filter system removes pollen, mold spores, and particulate contaminants from the air as it comes into the house and it filters the air within the house.
Central Vacuum exhausts filtered vacuum cleaning air to the outside of the house so no vacuum cleaner bag dust escapes back into the interior air.


With the buildings and pond situated near the center of 157 acres, you have a degree of privacy and tranquility that is truly hard to find. Just seven miles from the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Du Khor Choe Ling, this is also a special place of peace and renewal.
You can enjoy a feeling of wonderful seclusion, yet downtown Ithaca, with all the cultural amenities associated with Cornell University and Ithaca College, is less than 10 miles away.

A walk, ski or ride on one of the woodland trails clears the mind of care and worry. Trillium, spring beauties, jack in the pulpit, violets, trout lily, juneberry, cherry, apple blossoms and other flowers bring beauty to the spring woodland.

It’s almost impossible to listen to the happy, silly, bubbling song of the bobolinks, who nest in the fields, without smiling.

Evenings by the pond are truly sublime. Nothing washes away the cares of a hard days work in the summer faster than a suits-optional swim in the private pond. Or you can take your fishing pole and fish for catfish, sunfish or bass for your supper. Cook your catch and your homegrown produce over a hardwood campfire next to the pond for a real treat.

As the sun sinks below the horizon in a glorious sunset, sit back, watch the campfire fade to coals, and listen to the sounds of nature all around you. As the wood thrush and warblers finish their late afternoon serenade, the spring peepers start their chorus and the toads begin their trilling. Perhaps a deer will come to drink at the waters edge. Or perhaps you’ll hear the sound of turkeys fussing as the settle into their nighttime roost high in the forest trees. As the colors fade from the western sky, the woodcock start their mating dance. From several points in the surrounding open land, you hear the “bzeep, bzeep” that is the male’s peenting call. After attracting the attention of a female, he shows off his strength by bursting into the air with twittering wings. Higher and higher he flies until he disappears entirely. When the twittering of his wings changes to a chirping, you’ll know that an instant later he’ll plummet from the sky like a falling rock and start the performance all over again. As the last light fades, barred owls talk to each other from deep in the woods. As the moon rises, coywolves strike up a chorus. The thousands of fireflies twinkling over the unmowed field are an unforgettable spectacle of June evenings. In the darkness, without lights from any nearby houses or businesses, the stars are much brighter. Occasionally a meteor streaks across the ski, or a satellite makes is way slowly from horizon to horizon. Although you relax and your eyelids grow heavy, it’s difficult to leave the celestial show and nature’s symphony, and you don’t have to, because you are home.