75 Acres, 3 Bedroom Home, Private, Energy Efficient

399,000  75 acres  chris 


  • 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, big kitchen, formal dining room, living room with fireplace and catherdral ceiling.
  • Partially finished basement with family room, bar, office or den, pellet stove and walkout entrance.
  • Great Decks with fantastic west view of Saint Regis, Jenkins and other mountains.
  • Buried electric service so no utility poles or wires interfere with the view. Buried electric ensures against issues with high winds and falling trees.
  • Washer and Drier on main level.
  • Stainless steel Refrigerator, smooth top Range, Dishwasher, and Convection Oven/Microwave.
  • Radiant floors heat the main level. Baseboard hot water heat in second floor bedrooms and bathroom.
  • An Oil Burning Boiler economically heats the house and provides on demand hot water that never runs out.

Additional Features:

  • All the plumbing and a concrete foundation are in place to add an outdoor wood-burner for energy self sufficiency.
  • Big 3 bay garage with upstairs workshop or storage area.
  • Small barn/outbuilding with water and electricity
  • Larger barn/run in shelter


  • Own all the land at the end of your own private dead end road. Nearest public road is almost half a mile from the house.
  • Good roads with beautiful views all the way to Saranac Lake (9 miles)



  • Big 3 Bay Garage with Chamberlain Whisperdrive openers on the three overhead doors.
  • Workshop space next to the three bays.
  • Drive ATVs, lawn mowers, etc into the second floor of the garage from the back side. Lots of room on the second floor for workshop or storage.


  • A 12’ x 8’ building with frostproof water hydrant and electricity can be used for for poultry or rabbits, a potting shed, hay and feed storage, a tack room, etc.

Run in Shelter

  • A 20’ x 20’ run in shelter with metal roof gives pastured livestock a place to get out of the weather while still getting plenty of fresh air.


According to Survival Expert Bruce Beach, the top three rules for survival are:

1. Get out of cities
2. Get out of cities
3. Get out of cities

These rules apply equally to issues of civil defense and of public health.

Population density of Franklin County is 30 people per square mile.
Population density of New York County is 70,672 people per square mile.
Nearest city with population over 50,000 is over 100 miles away (Albany)
Nearest nuclear reactor is 180 miles away
5 ½ hours to Manhattan, but a world away.

The house is almost half a mile from the road.

This 74 acre property abuts thousands of acres of state land.

A snowmobile trail connecting to trail systems throughout the state and Canada runs along one edge of the property 1800 feet from the house.

Energy Self Sufficiency –

All the plumbing and a concrete foundation are in place for an outdoor wood-burner.
The hill rising up east of house is almost primarily. The foundation for the outdoor wood-burner is right at the base of this hill. It’s all downhill to haul firewood from the forest to the house. The forest produces many times more firewood than is necessary to perpetually heat the house and domestic hot water.

Food Self Sufficiency –

  • There is a run in shelter to keep the weather off livestock.
  • A small building near the run in shelter has water and electricity. This building could be used for poultry or rabbits, a potting shed, hay and feed storage, a tack room, etc.
  • This property has, in recent years been used to raise cattle, poultry, horses and bees. Hogs, sheep, goats and alpaca could also be raised here.
  • Deer and Turkey are abundant on the property (and on the thousands of acres of adjacent state land)

Construction Materials Self Sufficiency –

The relatively flat land west of the house is primarily softwood, which can sustainably produce plenty of studs and planks for your construction projects.


Approximately 74 surveyed acres.

West of the house (between the house and the road) the land is gently west facing. There is about ten acres of open grassland in this area. The balance of this area is forest made up primarily of softwoods (white pine, balsam fir and red spruce). Beautiful streams wind through this area of the property.

East of the house (behind the house) the land rises up the side of a Mountain. This area is all forested which is made up primarily of hardwoods (sugar maple, red maple, beech, birch and cherry).

There are miles of trails for walking, riding, skiing or snowshoeing.

View of Jones Pond (during winter only unless you trim some trees) from the property.

An excellent trail goes up the mountain behind the house, crosses onto state land, and ends at a rock outcropping on the mountain with spectacular distant views of Whiteface, the McKenzie Mountains and the nearby plains below. Although this beautiful place for a picnic is on state land, there don’t seem to be any other significant trails to the outcrop… it’s almost like it’s your own.


Evenings on the deck are sublime. Loons can be heard calling from nearby Jones Pond and from farther away on Rainbow Lake.

As the sun sinks below the horizon in a glorious sunset, sit back, watch the campfire fade to coals, and listen to the sounds of nature all around you. As the hermit thrush and warblers finish their late afternoon serenade, the spring peepers start their chorus and the toads begin their trilling. Perhaps a deer will come out of the woods to graze. Or perhaps you’ll hear the sound of turkeys fussing as the settle into their nighttime roost high in the forest trees. As the last light fades, barred owls talk to each other from deep in the woods. As the moon rises, coywolves strike up a chorus. In the darkness, without lights from any nearby houses or businesses, the stars are much brighter. Occasionally a meteor streaks across the ski, or a satellite makes is way slowly from horizon to horizon. Although you relax and your eyelids grow heavy, it’s difficult to leave the celestial show and nature’s symphony, and you don’t have to, because you are home.

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