Mountain Home in Little Switzerland

3,000,000  5.8 acres  J C Rhine 

img4Peace of the ROCK is an architecturally designed mountain home located in Little Switzerland, NC on 5.8 acres. It is two miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway at an elevation of 3,750 feet. The house is located for both quiet and security; the present owners are members of a local group of likeminded individuals. The property is very secure. The location of the house is on posted private property at the far end of a paved dead end road off a NC state highway.

img3The 180 degree east view from the house is one of the most spectacular in Western North Carolina. There are views to the northeast of over 50 miles that are into east Tennessee. The east view has the house ideally situated for entertaining; by midafternoon the screened porches and deck are shaded by the house. The house is ideal for a large family, a family group or a group of friends. The house can sleep 20. There is no reason that joint ownership by individuals, firms or corporations could not be considered. Thought could be given to this property as a retreat center.

img5The house has seven bedrooms and six and one half baths. The house is designed with no architectural barriers and has an elevator. There is 6,500 square feet of heated and air conditioned space. There is additional living space of 2,600 square feet in three screened porches of 544, 130 and 115 sq. ft. and decks of approximately 1,800 sq. ft. Heating and air conditioning is provided by four heat pumps and three auxiliary propane furnaces that activate when the temperature is below the efficiency of the heat pumps. There are three wood burning fireplaces (w/propane lighters) and a propane fireplace in the den. Propane is stored in a 1,000 gallon underground tank. There is an auxiliary propane generator in case of loss of power. We have a good supply of firewood on the property; we never purchase wood. There is an independent septic system.img9There is an excellent supply of water from two sources. There is a well that flows approximately 5 gallons per minute and springs that flow into a 1,200 gallon cistern that also flow at approximately 5 gallons per minute. The water supply is plumbed such that if the well or well pump should fail, water from the cistern automatically flows into the house. For someone who would like a garden, water that flows through the cistern is gravity fed as irrigation water to a 1 acre eastern bank area below the house.Items of Safety and Health Considerations

  • The house is equipped with a comprehensive fire and burglar alarm system.
  • There are two heliports .5 mile and 1 mile from the house.

Distances to Nearby Points of Interest

  • Asheville, NC, 55 miles 1hr. 10 minutes
  • Boone, NC, 48 miles 1hr. 15 minutes
  • Sugar Mountain Ski Area, 37 miles 1hr. 5 minutes
  • Beech Mountain Ski Area, 45 miles 1hr. 18 minutes
  • Johnson City, TN, 55 miles 1hr. 25 minutes
  • Charlotte, NC, 116 miles, 2hrs. 9 minutes
  • Atlanta, GA, 246 miles, 4hrs. 15 minutes

FOR SALE BY OWNERS: $3,000,000.

SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT. Contact J C Rhine 828-765-3411 or 828-803-1945 Cell or Anne Rhine 828-765-3411.