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325,000  1.13 acres  John Haynes  Retreat Realty

Situated at the end of a private road, surrounded by like-minded neighbors, this is an ideal prepper property. Although it consists of just over an acre, it abuts several much, much larger wooded parcels that are untouched and likely to remain that way indefinitely. The land features a large stream which has been tapped for a micro-hydro electric turbine, powering a deep cell battery system for the house. The stream provides irrigation and a backup drinking supply. A large fenced garden is lush with every vegetable one could desire. Numerous mature fruit trees are scattered around the property. A fenced chicken coop with its own wood stove and greenhouse provide a great source of year round protein. There’s a small, stream fed pond in the rear that can be used for aquaculture as well.

While the house is grid tied, it has a rooftop mounted solar array that feeds the deep cell battery system. The entire house can be run off solar and hydro. Hot water is generated in the conventional manner with a water heater, however, a wood furnace is tied into the water heater and can be used to keep the water hot via convection of the looped system. The wood furnace also doubles as a cook stove if required. A huge stack of aged split wood is out back and ready for use. While the power is on, the house is heated via a 17 Seer high efficiency heat pump, but alternatively, there is a wood stove insert with blower in the house that will heat it all. The furnace has been ingeniously installed such that it has a filtered fresh air intake to prevent the loss of conditioned air to the outside. Furthermore, the entire house is airtight and maintains positive atmospheric pressure inside which keeps harmful gases outside. To top it all off, the house has a filter scrubber system taken from a nuclear power plant that filters the air.

There are UHF and VHF antennas that come with the property. The neighbors in the valley carry MURS and handheld Baofeng HAM radios with them and use them to communicate with one another. They are further tied in to a network of motion sensors throughout the area that alert them to approaching persons. Throughout the property there are numerous security measures and secret compartments for the storing of valuables and such. There is even a 6′ x 14′ Faraday Room that is totally hidden from view. The amount of mind power, man hours and dollars that have gone into the various mechanical systems of this dwelling are impossible to quantify. Basically, this property is ready to go with years of “heavy lifting” having already been done, so its ready a new owner to enjoy.

The house itself is an immaculately maintained four bedroom, two bath modular exceeding the NC State Building Code with extra framing and thicker wall and roof sheathing, all on one level with an oversized two car garage. The interior is very comfortable with a spacious kitchen, dining room and spacious great room. The Master Suite is large with a walk in shower and walk in closet. The two car garage features a large workshop area off to one side and storage pantry on the other. A generously sized tiled sunroom overlooks the backyard pond and stream. Numerous personal property items are available to convey including the washer and dryer, refrigerator and other items. Who says you must suffer while prepping?

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John Haynes

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John Haynes has been a licensed NC real estate broker since 1997 being involved in all facets of real estate since 1987 when he started in the appraisal business.  Over the years, he has personally developed five successful subdivisions including one of 900 acres in western North Carolina.  In recent years, while working in the jungles of Guyana, South America on a 34,000 acre project, John saw the United States from a different vantage point and as a result, he became concerned about its leadership, the direction of its economy and the instability of the dollar.  Being good friends with others involved in a large NGO specializing in disaster relief, John became knowledgeable in the matter of disaster readiness and preparedness.  Some would call him a “prepper” or even a “survivalist”, yet he's actually a realist and pragmatist, skilled at what he does.

John's excellent knowledge of real estate, planning and design caters specifically to clients of Retreat Realty.  Given the nature of this subject, discretion is necessary and a special skill set is crucial. John has partnered with Hurt Architecture of Black Mountain, North Carolina which has a specialty niche in designing safe homes. His friend and neighbor, Bill Forstchen is author of “One Second After” and together they work to educate the public on disaster preparedness through speaking engagements and blog articles.  Read the testimonials about John at www.RetreatRealty.net and if you'd like to see dozens of full length testimonial letters, he’d be glad to forward them to you.