Mica Peak Valley, E WA Redoubt Area: 10.9 Acres Raw Land

There are several reasons why it might be a great fit for a survival client.

1) It has an active Spokane County building permit (extended once) that EXEMPTS it from the WA Hirst water well decision until 10/24/17. If you punch a well before then, as part of home construction, you do not have to do any additional hydro studies that WA is now requiring.

2) It is 11 acres of mature treed and sloped land with amazing views. You have cover and can see anyone coming.

3) It is in a farming valley that is isolated, but still only 20 minutes into Spokane Valley, WA (by back roads) for those that still have to work in town and do stuff with kiddos.

4) There is a TON of deer and other hunt-able wildlife in the area (they bed down in the meadow on our property).

5) There is a locally owned gun range across the country road that fronts our property.

It does have some CCRs (they do set the minimum home sq. ft. for building but not the details of the build. They do not prohibit pole barn construction, just modular homes). It is the end piece of 10 other 10 acres parcels (no subdividing allowed), of which only a few are built out. It is right down the road from the Spokane County Mica Peak Park area, which goes way up into the mountains and you can ride horses, dirt bikes, etc. The neighbors directly to the east of us (we’ve been told) own hundreds of raw acres that will never be sold. This area is generally farmers and people that want privacy. Most parcels in the area are 30 to hundreds of acres in size – this lot is unusual in its size, which makes it affordable for preppers that don’t have a mega-budget.

Anyway, we are hoping it might be a blessing to someone who sees all of its advantages. Mainly it’s close enough into Spokane to still have access to services, but far enough out to be totally off the beaten path if you choose to disengage. The 180 degree views of the surrounding farming valley are unbeatable and gives you a tactical advantage – but it still has mature trees (unusual in this valley). There’s wildlife to hunt. A well would give you an independent water source (3 other parcel owners have punched wells, so there’s water, no problem).

Please contact us if you have questions about anything, including the CCRs (attached).