River and Rimrock

DSC_0279In the scenic Devils Tower Valley lies the small town of Hulett. Just north of Hulett lies this rare 6 acre parcel with the Belle Fourche River Crossing it. The Hulett area is well known for its walls of yellow limestone rimrock and red bed walls cloaking the twists of the Belle Fourche river. Hulett and it’s area is the lowest elevation in Wyoming making it the best growing zone and moderate climate, the banana belt of Wyoming. While you will not grow bananas here you will grow a variety of berries and fruit trees including apple, plum, and pear trees with a wide range of domestic gardening abilities with the growing season adequate for ripening on the vine.

While most properties in the tower territory are isolated by the volume of large ranches in the area, this property is no different but with great accss. Access from Forks Road, a county road is 9 feet. Vast differences in relief the area offers many choices in view from your river cabin. Grassy Meadows, Pine tree hillsides, or high ground.

Missy McAmis

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